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Hi! I'm Caroline! I'm the oldest of the 7 girls here, and the oldest dolly in mommy's family! :) I post in red, and I love reading and writing! I am sort of the "sci-fi" fan here! I love Doctor Who (David Tennant is the BEST doctor!) and Star Trek!  My favorite color is red or purple, and I love panda bears! I also love my puppy, Coconut! Strange fact: For almost two weeks, my name was Lorraine, and Mia's name was Caroline! I also have a twin, Connor. I have one nickname, which only Mia calls me: CeCe. 
Here's the facts:

Name: Caroline Lorraine 
I've been in the family for: Six years! 
Birthday: September 11, 2007
Favorite Color: Red or purple
Favorite Animal: Panda bear! 
Favorite Food: Kanani's homemade muffins! 
Favorite Book/ Book Series: I really love any old classics like Little Women, Sense and Sensibility, etc. 
Favorite TV Show: I love Star Trek and Doctor Who! I like Star Trek the original series, and David Tennant is my favorite doctor! 
Favorite Movie: Star Trek into Darkness! This movie just blew me away! Totally exceeded my expectations! 
Favorite Band: Owl City!
Favorite Solo Artist: Taylor Swift
Favorite Song: I Make My Own Sunshine 
Type of AG: Just Like You. To be specific, I'm Just Like You #19!
Best friend: Mia
I collect: Iwako Animal Erasers! They are just too cute! 
Post color: Red
Personality: (by Chloe) Caroline is my bookworm, my fandom girl, the girl who started it all! She is always there to lend a helping hand to sisters. She is pretty cluttered and a slight hoarder. She loves school, and science. 
Star Status: I typically do all the big announcements! I don't get photoshoots often, because I have some peculiar marks, and apparently, I'm not as photogenic as my sisters. But, that's okay! I would much rather be reading a good book. 
My Favorite Thing To Do: Read, Write,& Photograph. That's my day. All day! 
Favorite Clothing Piece: I'm not too up to date on this whole fashion thing, but I enjoy wearing my orange cardigan. 
Favorite Hairstyle: Hair Tuck 
Wishlist: The Canon Rebel my dreams! Reality check! I'd like some new erasers to add to my collection, like the lion! 
Pet Peeve: Text language and terrible grammar.
I wish: People would read more! 
Pet: My faithful dog from the beginning, Coconut. 
Thoughts on School: I LOVE it! 
Room Situation: My bedroom is on the second floor above the kitchen. I share my room with Mia! 
Favorite Sport: I play soccer! 
Favorite Season: Fall! I love shopping for back to school supplies! 
Dream Job: A teacher or author...or both! 

Hi! My name is Mia Claire! I don't care WHAT Caroline says, but I should be the oldest! EVERYBODY SHOULD BOW DOWN TO ME! My favorite color is by far the most fabulous color in the rainbow, pink! So naturally, that is what I type my posts in.I like sparkles on absolutely everything. Caroline has a nickname for me too, and it's "Mi" Oh, and I have THE BEST (no questions asked) dog in the whole wide world! Meatloaf is a total fashionista, just like me! :) Most people see me as a total fashion girl, but I also like to play sports. 

Here's the facts:

Name: Mia St. Claire (or Mia Claire) 
I've been in the family for: 5 years! 
Birthday: September 11, 2008 (same as Caroline's!)
Favorite Color: Why, pink of course! 
Favorite Animal: Fat little seals! Or, anything fluffy! 
Favorite Food: PANCAKES!
Favorite Book/ Book Series:  THE HUNGER GAMES!
Favorite TV Show: Project Runway
Favorite Movie: THE HUNGER GAMES! (So excited for Catching Fire!!!)
Favorite Band: One Direction!!
Favorite Solo Artist: P!nk
Favorite Song: Just Give Me a Reason (P!nk)
Type of AG: GOTY 2008 Mia St.Clair doll
Best friend: Caroline
I collect:  Clothes! xD But no, I don't really collect anything. 
Post color: Why, pink of course!
Personality: (by Chloe) Mia is my little popular girl. She is a "hipster" so to speak, and loves to be the star of the show. Mia has another side to her that not a lot of people get to see- her athletic side. She loves sports! She also is a really sweet girl that is very loyal. 
Star Status: I do get chosen for a lot of things because of my photogenic-ness! And, a lot of readers (that's you!) enjoy seeing me type. I have my own YouTube series, Mia's Fab Fashion Vlog too! 
My Favorite Thing To Do: Shop! Or Ice Skate!
Favorite Clothing Piece: I LOVE THEM ALL! 
Favorite Hairstyle: Some fancy french braid looking thing. But I typically have my hair in a high bun.
Wishlist: MORE CLOTHES! 
Pet Peeve: People who dislike The Hunger Games. 
I wish: People would appreciate what's on the outside a bit more. I mean the inside is great and all...
Pet: Little Mr. Meatloaf! 
Thoughts on School: How much time do we have?
Room Situation: I live on the second floor of the main house above the kitchen, next to Molly, sharing a room with Caroline. ;) 
Favorite Sport: Ice skating! 
Favorite Season: Summer! 
Dream Job: Judge on Project Runway/ Professional Ice Skater

Hi, my name is Lanie, I have a bunny rabbit named Lulu, I like exploring, and reading! Science is my favorite subject, and I post in green! I love Nutella!!! I am a vegetarian, because it is just not right to kill helpless, defenseless animals! I love winking smiley faces like this: ;) I hate it when people think they are better then everybody else....COUGHCOUGHMIACOUGHCOUGH. I also ABSOLUETLY LOVE Lord of the Rings! I love Legolas! lol..Saige and I both are in love with Orlando Bloom! I also like pretty much all Pixar favorite being Toy Story 2. 

Here's the facts:

Name: Lanie Katherine Holland 
I've been in the family for: 3 years
Birthday: August 27th, 2010
Favorite Color: Green!
Favorite Animal: Bunnies or orangutans ;) 
Favorite Food: NUTELLA!
Favorite Book/ Book Series: Reached by Ally Condie 
Favorite TV Show: Adventure Time! (with Finn and Jake!)
Favorite Band: The Beatles 
Favorite Solo Artist: Paul McCartney 
Favorite Song: Revolution (Beatles) 
Type of AG: Girl of the Year 2010 Lanie Holland doll
Best friend: Kanani ;) 
I collect: Stuffed animals! :) 
Post color: Green! 
Personality: (by Chloe) Lanie is my adventurer. Nothing scares her! She is suprisingly, a slight bit cautious, and won't do anything too insane. She loves science like Caroline, and doesn't care what anybody thinks of her. 
Star Status:  I used to get picked a TON! I mean, honestly! Then I kind of went on a break, because of my hair...but now, I am back in action! :) 
My Favorite Thing To Do: Explore!!!
Favorite Clothing Piece: As long as it's not a dress. 
Favorite Hairstyle: Just..down..
Wishlist: New binoculars! 
Pet Peeve: Indoor genes. Lazy people. 
I wish: I could live outdoors! 
Pet: Miss LuLu, the best bunny in the world! 
Thoughts on School: Well, I like the Science part....
Room Situation: I live on the third floor of the main house aka the loft, and I have top bunk in the room area of the loft! 
Favorite Sport: Hockey, or basketball. 
Favorite Season: Spring! I just love it when the flowers begin to bloom!
Dream Job: Scientist 

Hello! :0) My name is Kanani and I looove to bake! My sisters often find me "lurking" as they call it, in the kitchen! Our kitchen is always really dark, so it looks sort of like I'm plotting an evil plan sometimes. xD Just like mommy, I love to surf! That feeling you get when you ride the waves is one like on other. It's something you have to experience for yourself! I also have a nickname, my sisters call me "Nani".I am the "Disney Geek" in this family so I love all things Disney- especially the princesses! My favorite Disney princess is Belle, but I also really like Ariel, and Elsa (even though she is a queen) from Frozen.  I also am always there if someone needs me! On a totally random note, I also am a Girl Scout!

Name: Kanani Akina 
I've been in the family for: 2 whole years!
Birthday: December 25, 2011
Favorite Color: Ocean Blue
Favorite Animal: Hawaiian Monk Seals
Favorite Food: Macaroni and Cheese
Favorite Book/ Book Series: Harry Potter
Favorite TV Show: The Great Food Truck Race!
Favorite Movie: Beauty and the Beast ...& Frozen 
Favorite Band: Artic Monkeys
Favorite Solo Artist: Ellie Goulding 
Favorite Song: Everything Has Changed (Taylor Swift)
Type of AG: Girl of the Year 2011 Kanani 
Best friend: Lanie
I collect:  Nothing actually. 
Post color: Blue
Personality:(by Chloe) Kanani is my beach girl. She loves then sun and the surf. But, more importantly, she is almost like a second mom to some of her sisters. She cooks the meals, and will do anything for her siblings. She is always very welcoming to newcomers and is very likable- she is always putting others needs before hers.  
Star Status:  I do get chosen for a few things, stopmotions not being one of them, because of my hair. But, when it is in a fishtail or braid, I tend to get picked more!
My Favorite Thing To Do: Bake!
Favorite Clothing Piece: My purple shirt! (I'm wearing it in the picture above ;) ) 
Favorite Hairstyle: Fistail 
Wishlist: A new surfboard!
Pet Peeve: People who don't like cookies!
I wish: I could be a princess! 
Pet: A sweet lab, Chocolate Chip!
Thoughts on School: It's okay, I guess.
Room Situation: I live on the third floor of the main house, and I have the middle bunk. 
Favorite Sport: Surfing
Favorite Season: Summer! 
Dream Job: Professional Pastry Chef

Hi! My name is Molly McIntire, and I enjoy ponies. My favorite TV show is My Little Pony, and I collect the mystery My Little Pony Grab Bags, and the My Little Pony action figures. My favorite mystery mini is Comet Tail, and my favorite action figure that I have is Sunset Shimmer! I also like the movies Monsters Inc, and don't tell anyone, but I cried during Monsters U! It was so sad! I also looove dolls! I have one American Girl, Elizabeth, and I have 7 lalaloopsys! 

Name:  Molly McInitre 
I've been in the family for: 1 year! 
Birthday: August 16, 2012
Favorite Color: I like light blue and red. 
Favorite Animal: Unicorns
Favorite Food: Grilled Cheese (especially from Panera) 
Favorite Book/ Book Series: The Secret Series 
Favorite Band: Uhhhh
Favorite Solo Artist: I like it when Pinkie Pie sings solos in MLP. 
Favorite Song: This Day Aria (MLP)
Type of AG: Historical Character - soon to be retired. 
Best friend: Lindsey
I collect: My Little Ponies, and dolls!   
Post color: Light Blue
Personality:(by Chloe) While I don't give my dolls ages, Molly is my little girl. She is spoiled rotten, but is still really kind and sweet. Her sisters often try to behave their best around her, as she looks up to them. 
Star Status: I'm not in too much, but that's OK I'm happy playing. 
My Favorite Thing To Do: Play ponies and/or dollies. 
Favorite Clothing Piece: My cowgirl boots! 
Favorite Hairstyle: Two braids 
Wishlist: Felicity Doll 
Pet Peeve: Pony haters. 
I wish: To be a unicorn. 
Pet: Bennet, is my puppy. 
Thoughts on School: Why is this a question? 
Room Situation: I have a room all to myself (because I have the most stuff) it's right above the living room and next to Caroline and Mia's room. 
Favorite Sport: Tennis
Favorite Season: get to stay inside and watch My Little Pony ALL DAY!
Dream Job: Fashion Designer...for dolls

Hi-o! I'm Abagaile, you can call me Abby. Strange story about my name: It was once my momma's screen name! So, when she got me (her twin) she thought she should name me a name she was called by! A lot of people mistake Mia and I for twins, but no, we are not! Caroline and Connor are twins. Not us. I have a few nicknames, them being,"Abs", and "Abby". Totally random fact:  I love public speaking. Anywhooo I live for music! Music is something love to make every day. I play piano, guitar (acoustic), flute, and I'm working on the trumpet. ;D 

Name: Abagaile Beth 
I've been in the family for:  Almost one year. ;) 
Birthday: December 27, 2012
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Animal: Piggies! 
Favorite Food:  San Luis Obispo style tri- tip sandwiches! 
Favorite Book/ Book Series: Anything written by Sarah Dessen (pretty much)
Favorite TV Show: The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family 
Favorite Movie: Disney Frozen
Favorite Band: Imagine Dragons
Favorite Solo Artist: Katy Perry
Favorite Song: Bleeding Out (Imagine Dragons) or Roar (Katy Perry) 
Type of AG: MAG #37 
Best friend: Saige
I collect: Nothing. Unless music sheets count?   
Post color: Purple...the color I'm typing in now. 
Personality:(by Chloe) Abgaile likes to stick to the background, not wanting to draw attention to herself. She is shy and quiet when you meet her at first, but once you get to know her she becomes a little..crazy. She is very cautious and careful- she would never do anything the slightest bit dangerous. 
Star Status: I get picked for a reasonable number of things. 
My Favorite Thing To Do: Play the piano, or my guitar, or yes, singing. 
Favorite Clothing Piece: Hoodie
Favorite Hairstyle: Down, normal. 
Wishlist: New piano .
Pet Peeve: People who take advantage of me. 
I wish: For more wishes! >:D
Pet: Victoria, who is a Prembroke Welsh Corgi mommy brought for me all the way from Buckingham Palace (no joke) 
Thoughts on School: Uck. 
Room Situation: I live on the third floor of the main house (aka the loft) with Lanie, Kanani, and Saige. I have the trundle bed. 
Favorite Sport: Basketball...GO LAKERS! 
Favorite Season: Winter
Dream Job: Singer/Songwriter 

Hi there! I'm Lindsey! I love to make people laugh, and I'm sewer and filmmaker. I love to videotape my sisters and Mia always want to be the stars of my movies, which I don't mind, she brings the drama. I also really like to roller skate. I love to watch My Little Pony with my sister, Molly. She is younger then me and I hope to be a good role model for her! Like Mia, I like things with a bit sparkly, not too much, just a little. ;) I'm really fascinated with dinosaurs too- triceratops are the best! I'm known in my household as a bit of a hoarder (lol). I also like The Hunger Games too!  I love the pretend, and be in my own sort of "fairytale". 

Name: Lindsey Bergman. 
I've been in the family for: One year
Birthday: February 9th, 2013. 
Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Animal: Triceratops (if that counts as an animal) 
Favorite Food:  Anything with loads of sugar 
Favorite Book/ Book Series: Meet Rebecca 
Favorite TV Show: Duck Dynasty! Si is the best! But also like My Little Pony.
Favorite Movie: The Hunger Games
Favorite Band: Arctic Monkeys 
Favorite Solo Artist: Lorde 
Favorite Song: Tennis Court
Type of AG: GOTY 2001: Lindsey Bergman. 
Best friend: Molly
I collect: Stuffed blue sock monkey is my favorite!  I also collect little astronauts! 
Post color: Orange, but sometimes Saige uses orange too (rarely, but occasionally)
Personality:(by Chloe) Lindsey is the doll everydoll goes to when they need a laugh. She loves to make people smile! She is also very friendly and likable. 
Star Status: I get picked. Sometimes I don't get picked. 
My Favorite Thing To Do: I like to film my crazy family.
Favorite Clothing Piece: My blue hair clip.
Favorite Hairstyle: My hair is too short to be put into styles- but I like it that way. 
Wishlist: New fabric! 
Pet Peeve: Hypocrites 
I wish: For World Peace :D
Pet: Max-my Rottweiler 
Thoughts on School: Eh. 
Room Situation: I live on the second floor above Connor's room next to Molly's room, apart of 
Townhouse I.
Favorite Sport: Anything in the Winter Olympics, snowboarding is my favorite! 
Favorite Season: Winter
Dream Job: Movie Director or Astronaut! 
Hi! My name is Saige Copeland. I like to paint, draw, and doodle. I also enjoy riding horses. I don't have any nicknames, but I love to give them to other people. My best buddy is Abgaile, and we share a room together! I collect rubber ducks, and my Momma says I have way too many...;) I LOVE the Pirates of the Caribbean movies as well- they are my favorites. My favorite singer is proabably Ariana Grande or Sam Smith. They both have beautiful voices- unlike me..I should stick to art! I don't have any dogs, but I do have two beautiful horses. One day I hope to compete in rodeos and be a famous painter! 

Name: Saige Lydia Copeland 
I've been in the family for: 1 year  
Birthday:  June 9th, 2013
Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Animal: Horses
Favorite Food:   Chicken Enchilada  
Favorite Book/ Book Series:  Divergent
Favorite TV Show: I don't really watch a lot of TV...but I DO watch a lot of movies! 
Favorite Movie: Any Pirates of the Caribbean movie! 
Favorite Band: 5 Seconds of Summer
Favorite Solo Artist:  Sam Smith
Favorite Song: Stay With Me
Type of AG:  Saige Copeland Girl of the Year 2013
Best friend: Abigale
I collect:  Rubber Ducks
Post color: Orange
Personality (By Chloe): Saige is very outgoing. She often jumps right into things, and doesn't really think ahead. But, Saige is one of those people where everything tends to work in her favor. She is very artistic and creative! 
Star Status:  I get picked for a lot of photoshoots! (I think)
My Favorite Thing To Do: Paint or ride horses! 
Favorite Clothing Piece: My Sweater from my Sweater Outfit. 
Favorite Hairstyle: Rope Braid- but I usually just wear my hair down! 
Wishlist: more rubber ducks!! 
Pet Peeve: People who call horses "ponies"
I wish: Everybody was nice to each other! 
Pet:  Two horses: Ghost and Smokey! 
Thoughts on School:  I like art class at least! 
Room Situation: I share a room with Abigale! 
Favorite Sport:  Horse Racing! 
Favorite Season: Fall
Dream Job: Famous Artist! 

I've been in the family for:   
Favorite Color:
Favorite Animal: 
Favorite Food:   
Favorite Book/ Book Series:  
Favorite TV Show: 
Favorite Movie: 
Favorite Band: 
Favorite Solo Artist:  
Favorite Song: 
Type of AG:  
Best friend:
I collect:  
Post color: 
Star Status:  
My Favorite Thing To Do: 
Favorite Clothing Piece:
Favorite Hairstyle: 
Pet Peeve: 
I wish: 
Thoughts on School:  
Room Situation: 
Favorite Sport:  
Favorite Season: 
Dream Job: 

I've been in the family for:   
Favorite Color:
Favorite Animal: 
Favorite Food:   
Favorite Book/ Book Series:  
Favorite TV Show: 
Favorite Movie: 
Favorite Band: 
Favorite Solo Artist:  
Favorite Song: 
Type of AG:  
Best friend:
I collect:  
Post color: 
Star Status:  
My Favorite Thing To Do: 
Favorite Clothing Piece:
Favorite Hairstyle: 
Pet Peeve: 
I wish: 
Thoughts on School:  
Room Situation: 
Favorite Sport:  
Favorite Season: 
Dream Job: 

I've been in the family for:   
Favorite Color:
Favorite Animal: 
Favorite Food:   
Favorite Book/ Book Series:  
Favorite TV Show: 
Favorite Movie: 
Favorite Band: 
Favorite Solo Artist:  
Favorite Song: 
Type of AG:  
Best friend:
I collect:  
Post color: 
Star Status:  
My Favorite Thing To Do: 
Favorite Clothing Piece:
Favorite Hairstyle: 
Pet Peeve: 
I wish: 
Thoughts on School:  
Room Situation: 
Favorite Sport:  
Favorite Season: 
Dream Job: 

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