A Rock Wall and Easter Bunny

5:00 PM

A totally random name for a post but..I wanted to show the happenings in the dollhouse over Spring Break! My grandmother made this adorable little bunny costume, and I made a rockwall! Not much to say..but enjoy the pictures- and enjoy the fact that an ACTUAL POST is coming soon! :D 

The cute bunny! :D I also have a blue one that isn't quite done yet. 

The tail is my favorite!! 

The rockwall in all it's glory. 

Izzy climbing!

Thanks for reading, 

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4 lovely comments

  1. Did you make it off of the American Girl Ideas video? You did a great job.

    1. Yes it is from their video! I changed a few things though :)

  2. the bunny costume is too cute, and the rock wall looks so realistic! you did a great job. :]

    1. Thanks maddie! You are always so lovely :)


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