Goodbye, Kailey!

11:19 AM

Hello internet! My name is Kailey. You might be more familiar with my sisters or brothers, as I have never made an appearance on the blog before. I'm actually Chloe's grandmother's doll, but I come to stay in the dollhouse for the holidays. 
I go to a "fancy" boarding school near where Chloe's grandmother lives, which is why I stay with her. Today was my last day in the dollhouse (I came down for winter break.) and my flight didn't leave until the afternoon. While all my siblings were at school, I was still at home packing. My family and I had a big dinner last night for me and everybody already said their goodbyes. I was just waiting to go now! 

I was almost done packing up all the stuff I was going to take back with me. 

Until Melon- my pet chicken- came up a pecked me on the ankle! 

Melon always gets super sad when I leave, so I picked her up and sat her down on the bed next to me. "Listen Melon," I said, "I have to go back to school again! You know I have to leave at the end of break." 

Melon jumped right past me and into my suitcase. That crazy chicken thought she was coming with me! 

"Melon!! Melon! You know you can't come with me." 

I scooped her out and quickly shut the suitcase before Melon could jump back in. 

I stood the suitcase up and got ready to leave when she hopped on top of my suitcase. 

With Melon in my arms, I sat down and gave her a big hug.

"I'm going to miss you so much Melon, but I'll be back before you know it okay? All the dolls here will take great care of you when I'm gone. And I will never miss one of our FaceTime playdates!" I tried to make Melon feel better.

Coconut came out of nowhere and helped hold Melon back. Having a friend with him really did help Melon! 

"Bye Melon!! See you soon!" I called over my back as I said goodbye to my chicken, who is also one of my best friends.

Do you have any special pets? 

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5 lovely comments

  1. "hello internet" is that a dan reference i see?
    aw, kailey and melon are so cute. <3 i hope she has a nice time at 'school'! :}

  2. Very cute... Love Kailey's big brown eyes!

  3. Melon is so cute. I wish I could buy her as a separate pet. Kailey looks very cute too. :)

  4. This post was super cute. Kailey looks adorable in that outfit.:D

  5. Enjoy your schooling, Kailey. I know you'll miss home, but education is important!


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