Thanksgiving 2015 {Photostory}

12:31 PM

(Told by Isabelle)

Hi friends! I don't think I've ever written a blog post before, so I'm super excited to be typing this one now!!! Our family Thanksgiving was on Thursday, and I had really nice first Thanksgiving- but being my first Thanksgiving, that meant I had to give the toast. It's a tradition we do here at the dollhouse. 

It's also a tradition that share a bunch of photo of our table set up, so enjoy these before we get to the story! 

Alright, enough of that. The story starts when we all gathered around the table to eat.  

The whole family was there! Caroline told me that you guys haven't been introduced to some of our new family members. So let me show you them- down in the bottom left corner is Oliver. Momma made him for her brother, so he is Momma's brother's doll, but he lives with us. In-between Connor and Saige is Kailey. Kailey is Momma's grandmothers doll. She was thrifted, and is used a grandma's dolls for patterns and making clothes. Kailey comes and visits us often, she will be here for the holidays! 

And of course, Alice. Momma got Alice with her own money for her birthday this year. Alice and I were Momma's two new dolls, so we both had the privilege to sit at the two heads of the table. 

There I am at my end! 

Here is Alice's side of the table, being the newest she had to carry on the tradition. Now Alice has only been here for about two months, so she still feels a little awkward.

"Umm..I am so thankful to be brought into so a loving a family..ummm..and that we have lots of good food to eat...and ummmm ...I don't really know what to say.." Alice sat back down immediately, embarrassed. She was really thankful, but she was just nervous talking in front of all of us. 

Caroline quickly diverted the attention to me with, "Isabelle, do you have anything you'd like to say?" 

I really didn't have anything I'd like to say, but I had to come up with something. 

"Like Alice, I am thankful for our family. I couldn't have asked for better sisters, better brothers, or better friends." I went on for a bit longer but I don't want to bore you all too much with my sappy brother-sister stuff! 

It all worked out it the end though, everybody enjoyed a lovely meal full of gravy, chatter, but mostly laughter. 

I hope all you dear readers also had a lovely Thanksgiving, and so from my family to yours..
Happy Thanksgiving! 

Lots of love,

PS: Here some more photos of our meal! 

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  1. very cute photo story, i admire the time you (probably; idk it looks like it was time consuming haha) put into setting up that big table. :3 happy thanksgiving!

  2. I love the story and the pictures! This post is so cool! =D

  3. Great photos. Im glad you are one of those people who are on youtube, have a blog and that actually use the blog


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