The Surprise Sibling!

4:10 PM

Ivy just arrived home from school. "Hmm...I think I'll start my homework before anybody else comes home.."She decided. 

"Huh?" Somebody tapped on Ivy's shoulder! Nobody was home yet? But who could it be? 

Ivy laughed to herself. "Oh! It's just you! Silly me."

"Hi Ivy!" The stranger replied. 
Ivy turned around to greet her sibling. "I guess the UPS man delivered you early! Welcome home!" 

The new siblings shook hands in greeting.

Wait...WHAT???!?!?!? Another new doll?? Yep...unfortunately this is all I can share for now, as more of my family reads my blog (I actually have the opening and everything up on my check it out!). But why does family matter? 
This doll is a special gift for a member of my family...and the gift isn't ready yet! I don't want anybody to "spill the beans!" So until then...

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  1. OOOH!!! I can't wait to see who you got!:)


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