At the Beach! (Photostory)

3:08 PM

Hey today I'm going to try something I haven't done in ages...BLOGGING!! 
I actually took these photos over the summer..oops? 

Caroline set down her bag, shoes, and laid down her towel. Finally, the beach! 

"Ahh!" Caroline sat back and relaxed. 

She looked very comfortable. 

Soon, you could even hear the faint sounds of wav--snores. 

"Connor, let's go this way!" Mia tugged her brother's hand. 

Connor grumbled, "Why do we have to go down here? Can't we lay down on a towel like Caroline?" 

"Fine. You stay here." Mia stormed off. 

Now, I wouldn't let Mia get too close to the waves...

Funny enough, Mia, always wanting to be the center of attention, looked at the camera more instead of the waves. 

"I think I see a boat!" Mia squealed. 

"Ew! Ew! Something touched my foot!" Mia ran off. 

Connor caught Mia before she could run all the way back to the hotel. "See Mia..I told you not to go down that far!" 

"Ugh. Whatever Connor. Let's just sit here." Connor agreed. 

Mia proceed to fidget like crazy because, 'Sand was irritating her skin', so Connor had to hold Mia down so I could get a photo. ;) 

Eventually..Mia sulked off and built a sandcastle! 

Which..looked more like a lump..

But Caroline and Connor were careful not to say that! 


Not too sure how I feel about this. It is strange to type. In other news, I've been insanely active on my YouTube (AGChloeAndZoe) lately. Check it out. 

Not sure when I will be here again! 


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4 lovely comments

  1. So cute! Looks like they had fun, I love pictures of dolls at the beach.

  2. Glad to see you are posting. Love the photostory

  3. Cute photostory! I love the beach!:)

  4. Super cute photo story! Looks like they had fun at the beach!
    - Zoë


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