THE DOLL CAVE (My new Doll Room!)

3:48 PM

Hey everyone! I had such a crazy week! Play practice everyday ending at 5:30 and a ton of homework to do after. Today, I became sick so I spent some of today (after two showers and a two hour nap), fixing up my doll room a little bit to show you all. 

What??? Chloe??? Doll Room??? 

Yeah, haha. I totally slipped my mind that I forgot to mention to you all that I got a room dedicated to my dolls recently, and I was going to do like a Christmas tour but then I realized...I never told you about my doll room!

Long story short: My grandmother moved out of our house and now lives with my uncles. Her bedroom (which is bigger then mine) was empty. She took all her furniture with her and all that was left was a bed. My parents wanted to move my doll houses into the empty room so I could invite more friends over and stuff. I didn't really want to, but I gave in. 

This is the area right outside my bedroom that used to be my doll area. It has now changed into a craft area/sewing area. It is very messy right now- currently working on an Etsy release and for Christmas I plan on giving all my doll a custom made t-shirt for their fandom. ;) (ex: Lanie gets a LOTR shirt, Molly gets a MLP shirt)

So, back to the doll cave. I painted this canvas I got at Goodwill with some sparkly paints I had. I outlined the letters with a paint marker, and I hang the canvas on Command hook. It's great because when somebody is coming over I just take the canvas down and put it in the doll cave. (And yeah, I call it the doll cave. Mostly because if I didn't claim this room, my brother would have and he would of called it his man cave. It's also a little bit separate from my house and is always SUPER COLD.)

Here's what you see when you first open the door. It drives me insane that the part of the house sticks out like that. 

Behind the door, I keep a tri-fold that use for backdrops, and all the foam core boards I use for backdrops as well. 

The first part of the room is the guest bedroom area. So yeah, this is doll cave/guest bedroom. I'm trying to convince my parents to get a Murphy bed (one of the ones that folds down) because we only have like two guests a year, and I would have even more space! 

Anyway, my grandmother left a nail up (from a frame or something), so I decided to hand up one of the biggest American Girl bags I own! I don't know why. You can also see I hung up my Frozen poster. It used to hang above my bed, but a Fall Out Boy poster has taken its place. 

There is also the make-shift nightstand, and my most used photography light that I've just decided to keep out. 

Here is the little nightstand. It is a metal trash can flipped upside down with a piece of wood on top. (I keep it classy) It also has a lamp, basic professional doll person needs like scissors, tape, and a doll hairbrush. 

The bed! I spent my sick day today putting this cute, snowman print bedding I found in my closet from when I was younger. I no longer have a queen sized bed, and I didn't think my brother would be wanting this bedding anytime soon (he also has his own blue polar bear Christmas bedding), so I put it in here. It makes the room so much more cozy. 

Here's the little set up I added to bed. I have two very uncomfy pillows, a throw pillow I found in my closet, some cute holiday themed stuffed animals I found, my Disney Animator Dolls, and my H4H girl. I also have my AG Holiday catalog on the bed because I don't know where to put it. 

It is very hard to capture this dollhouse in its entirety. But there are three separate sections to it. While this isn't a dollhouse post, I am going to show you why this room is called the doll cave. 

The first section I like to call "The Townhouse". I don't know why. The bottom floor is Connor's room, then Lindsey and Ivy's room, and the top floor I store the doll shoes. I'm sure it'll become a bedroom as my collection expands, but for now it is just for shoes. 

The second section is the big section my dad built this summer while I was at camp. It has eight rooms. Starting at the bottom left, you have the dining room, the bathroom, and the laundry room. The second floor (starting at the left) has the art and music room, Zoe's room (maybe my favorite room), and Caroline and Mia's room. The top floor has the classroom and patio. 

Here's another angle of the super large house. I was considering changing the patio for the holidays, but then I realized that where I live, it is still sunny. No joke. I'm wearing shorts and a short sleeved shirt right now. I've never seen more than two inches of snow! 

Here is the original five room house. You can see the jewelry table I have set out in front. From the bottom left there is the living room, kitchen, second floor is Molly's room, Saige and Abigaile's room, and the top floor is Lanie and Kanani's room. 

The Christmas set-up in progress! I usually keep a sectional couch up here and a chair. But they have been put in the closet for the holidays! 

This is the other part! You can barely see it, but I have two Our Generation closets on the foot of the bed. This is where I have the horse stable and above it is the sewing studio. Next to that I keep the sweater closet, and above it is where I hang the pants. 

And I wanted to show you all the windows! There is so much natural light in this room. 

Right by the closet door is a spare chair (usually in the loft area), a trashcan, and my camera bag hangs on the door. 

The light switch to the closet is a bit concealed. ;) 

THE CLOSET IS PACKED. Filled with doll boxes (storing holiday decor), cars, campers, Halloween Costumes, the large box you see is actually my doll puppet theater.. 

There is a small shelf and on top I keep my extra doll room that did not fit. It is a hospital room. I also have MORE boxes!! 

Another shelving unit. Can you see the sectional couch? 

But, that's my doll room. I hope to show you all more in depth holiday room tours as I finish it up. 

Here are some bonus photos..I am in love with these battery opperated lights I put in the doll house. 

My family also doesn't do Black Friday shopping, really, we just go to Home Depot early in the morning and buy 22 poinsettia flowers! They are all over my house. I keep this one on the edge of my doll closets! 

Until next time..

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8 lovely comments

  1. Wow! that's quite an awesome room!
    My own "doll cave" consist of my super ultra messy craft/doll room ;0)
    I love your doll Christmas tree! Those ornaments and tinsel just look so cute. And I love the fireplace.
    That's also how it looks where I live too. No snow here at the moment whatsoever.
    Very cute doll rooms!

  2. You've got a seriously cool doll room, Chloe. Your dollhouse itself is just amazing. Love the pictures of everything. =)

  3. Wow, that looks AWESOME!! I wish we had a guest bedroom now...

  4. This is AMAZING! This is rediculous! I have a guest room in my house- I'm totally gonna do this and see how my family deals with it. XD

    1. Thank you! I would check with your family first. ;)

  5. O__O
    Your doll cave, Chloe. Absolutely amazing.
    I kinda have a 'doll cave', but I just have like half a room with my dollhouse on the floor. The other half of the room is my mom's office. ;) but, my dollhouse is no were near as fabulous as yours.


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