Making Paper Snowflakes (Photostory!)

8:58 AM

Ah, Sunday. The first real day of winter break. Saturday is a day to sleep in all day, but Sunday is when vacation truly begins! This morning I was playing Crossy Road on my iPad.

All of a sudden, Saige burst through the door. "Abigale!!!" she shouted.

"What?" She threw scissors and paper onto our bed.

"Christmas is in less than a week and NOBODY in this household is doing anything Christmas-y!" Saige waved her arms around all dramatically. "Let's make paper snowflakes and set a good example!" 

I agreed but I told her I don't know how to make paper snowflakes! 

Saige sat down next to me. "Okay, I'll teach you. First we fold the paper over into a triangle. We cut off the extra..."

She continued, "Fold it over two times." 

"Make a bunch of different cuts in the paper, then unfold it." Saige instructed me. 


"Cool! Let me try!" I said as I folded over a piece of paper. 

I cut into it, 


Saige and I went on a snowflake making spree, chatting about what we want for Christmas. 

"I want a new rubber duck for my collection!" Saige said.

I smiled. "I think this snowflake is my favorite."

When we ran out of paper, Saige said, "I'll go get some tape to hang them up, if you clean the floor!" I agreed and got to work! 

I was all done! 

"Okay I got the tape." Saige walked in. "Where do you want to put it?"

We both agreed on the Music and Art room, because it needed some holiday cheer- and we both used this room daily. 

It was like a snowstorm! 

Oh, and here's a bonus photo. ;)

Happy Holidays! 

Love, Abigale

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6 lovely comments

  1. That was such a cute story! I love making snowflakes!!:)

  2. Very cute! You've inspired me to go make a few snow flakes myself :0)
    Love your art/ music room by the way!
    - Zoë


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