Christmas Morning {Part 4}

8:22 PM

Yay, for the final part! Happy New Year,everyone! 

Everybody passed out all their presents from Momma. 

Caroline went first.

Every year, everybody buts the bows on their head! 

"No way! A new laptop! Thank you so much Momma!" Caroline squealed.

Mia went next.

She tore open her present! "Super cute headbands!" Mia said.

Lanie and her present. 

"A birdhouse! I can't wait to see all the birds in our yard!" 

"My turn!" 

Kanani gasped when she saw it was a Frozen package. 

"Frozen hair bands!!! Eeek! Thank you so much!" 

Molly's present was HUGE. 

Molly squealed, "A styling head! Thank you!" 

Abigale went next.

Abigale opened her present to reveal..."A FRENCH HORN! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!"

"MY turn!" 

Saige got new Hello Kitty markers! 

Lindsey went next! 

"Look! I but the bow on my horn!" Lindsey laughed. 

Connor was about to open his present, when Momma remembered, "Oh wait! Connor, here is a special airplane from Uncle Hunter (Momma's brother)." The girls complained and complained that it wasn't fair, but they found Uncle Hunter gave them all 10$! 

Then, Connor went to open his present.

"A monster truck! I don't have any of these!" Connor thanked Momma. 

Zoe's turn! 

"A yellow Furby! Thank you so much!" Zoe said. 

"Look! He matches my bow!" 

Ivy went last. 

Ivy smiled. "A polar bear! How cute! Thanks, Momma!" 

"Wait! There are still a few presents under the tree!" Mia noticed.

Turns out, these presents were for everyone! 

Mia claimed the small one with the pink bow to open. Momma warned it was kind of lame..but it was a tape dispenser and a stapler! Kinda lame, but very useful. ;)

Momma gave Kanani the big one to open. Everybody giggled at the poor wrapping job. 

"OOh! It's sparkly!" Molly commented from the side.

It was a fancy chandelier for the dining room! 

Abigale opened the next one. 

"Some pretty stickers for the house!"  Abby announced. 

Caroline opened the last one. 

It was a desk lamp! Everybody wanted to claim it as theirs. 

Everybody was having fun showing off gifts and spreading holiday cheer when Momma said..."Wait everyone, I have one last surprise." 

Momma returned with a new girl in tow. 

"Hi! I'm Isabelle!"

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4 lovely comments

  1. Their presents are all sooo adorable! I love that little lamp! Where did you get it?!
    P.S. do you know who won the OOTW contest?!


  2. Wow, all the dolls got awesome gifts! Congrats on Isabelle! Her outfit is sooo cute!!

  3. Oh wow! Congrats on Isabelle! I was like- wait what!!??! LOL!;)


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