Christmas Morning {Part 3!}

3:49 PM

Part 3! Sorry you've had to wait for these.. I've very busy past two days. But the last one will be up tomorrow! 

"Oh look! A little cow toy!" Mia said. The girls agreed to open their presents from Santa first. This little cow was for their pets! 

Ivy went first.

"I got duck tape, a duck tape wallet, and a stuffed raccoon!" 

"My turn!" 

"I know what it is!!" Zoe squealed. 

She got an Olaf figure, and a sweater. 

Connor went next. 

"A bunch of army dudes. Cool!" 

"Oh MAH GOSH!!!" A unicorn horn...and an astronaut for my collection! 

"Look, guys!! I'm an unicorn!"

Saige's turn! 

"I wonder what is is..."Saige thought to herself. 

"Woah! I don't have any pink rubber ducks in my collection!!" 

"And colored pencils! Awesome!" Saige said. 

Abigale opened hers next. 

"Aw! How cute!" 

"I got some stickers to decorate my room with, and this cute owl!" Abigale announced. 

Molly with her present. 

Molly gasped. "I know what is is! I know what it is!" 

"It's a Candy Land game and a My Little Pony poster for my room!" 

Kanani's turn! 

Kanani got three cookbooks she wanted! 

"I can't wait to taste what you make!" Connor said and everybody agreed.

"My turn!" Lanie practically shouted. "I can't wait any longer!"

"AHHHHH!!!! It's a leather bound notebook! It looks like it just came out of the Hobbit movie! No way!" 

Everybody was a little bit jealous of Mia because she got three gifts. ;) 

Mia very carefully unwrapped it. 

"Let's see...OOH! A tiara..and...oooO! A pretty hair bow! What's in the last one..."

"No way! My missing shoe! I've been missing this ever since we moved! THANK YOU SANTA!!!" Mia was almost crying she was so happy to be reunited with her shoe! 

Lastly, it was Caroline's turn! 

"Aww! So cute! It's a panda hat! But wait...somethings in it.."

"It's an eraser fish...and the furniture playset I wanted! How did he know? I didn't even put this on my list!" Caroline was freaking out. 

Everybody had opened their presents from to open the presents from Momma! 

Stay tuned for the final part...


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  1. That is soooooo cute!!!!!!! I loved it when Mia got her missing shoe for Christmas. :D


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