Christmas Morning {Part 2

6:37 PM

Time for part 2 of the dolls Christmas morning! 

It was time to open stockings! The girls decided to go around in a circle, starting with Molly. 

Here are all the goodies she got! "Wow! A kazoo, red hairbands, candy canes, and what??? Oh my gosh!! Tinker Bell DVDS!!!"

If you couldn't tell by her stocking, Molly loves Tinker Bell! 

Next up was Kanani. Here she is with her princess stocking.


"I got a blue kazoo, blue hairbands, a candy cane, and my favorite movies! 101 Dalmatians and Beauty and the Beast! EEE!"

"Ug, Momma! Why can't I just open my stocking!! Why do you have to take a photo?" Abigale complained. 

She gasped as she opened up all the goodies! 

Abigale got her favorite Disney movies, The Little Mermaid and Tangled, a kazoo and hair bands in her favorite color, and a candy cane! 

"My turn, my turn!" Saige called. 

Saige with her stocking gifts!

"Toy Story, Lady and the Tramp, orange hair bands, and a kazoo!" 

Ivy and her stocking! She was bursting with excitement! 

"Wow! I must have been really nice this year!" Ivy giggled. 

She got Snow White and Peter Pan movies, a candy cane, a blue kazoo and hair bands. 

Caroline with her stocking! She decorated it herself! 

"Oooh!" Caroline was in awe of her presents.

She got a yellow kazoo, red hair bands, a candy cane, and Aladdin and Sleeping Beauty on DVD. 

Mia's turn! 

"I got a purple kazoo, hair bands, candy cane, and the Despicable Me movies!" 

Lindsey with her stocking! 

"Wow! I got orange hairbands, a blue kazoo, a candy cane, Bolt, and Wall-e! I love those movies!" 

Then, it was the dolls on the bunk bed turn. 

Zoe went first! 

Zoe with her presents! 

"Mulan, A Princess and the Frog, purple kazoos and hair bands, and a candy cane! Wow! I guess we are going to have to have some crazy movie watching party, huh?" Everybody giggled and agreed. 

Connor went next! 

"Hercules, Jungle Book, kazoo, candy cane...and..yellow hair bands??" Connor said. 

"I'm a unicorn!!" Everybody laughed with their brother. 

Lastly, it was Lanie's turn! 

"EEk! My favorite movies: Bambi and The Lion king! And a candy cane! And hair bands! And a kazoo!" 

Now, the girls got to open their presents from Santa! 

Stay tuned for part 3! 

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