Christmas Morning {Part 1}

4:14 PM

It was the night before Christmas, and all through the dollhouse, no dollie was stirring....not even Connor! 

The milk and cookies were set out, waiting for Santa's arrival! 

The very next day, light streamed through the windows. The room was full of presents! 

The once- empty stockings were packed full of goodies. 

And the tree had never looked so beautiful! 

The dolls were all sleeping until...

"Huh?" Lanie said as she wiped sleep from her eyes. 

The sight of the tree across from her took her breath away! 

"Kanani! Kanani! GET UP!" She shouted to the girl in the bottom bunk. 

"Woah.." Kanani muttered. 

"Hi girls! Merry Christmas!" Momma said. 

They all decided there was not enough space in the room to fit all 11 of them, so they moved the big dresser out of the way. 

Momma went downstairs and woke up all the girls. First, she went to Abigale and Saige's room. 

They weren't actually sleeping, and when she came in the sat straight up.

"Can we go upstairs now??" Saige asked excitedly. Momma nodded. 

Next door, Molly was fast asleep.

"Molly..Molly.."Momma poked her. 

"Christmas?" She asked. Molly ran upstairs too excited to even put her glasses on. 

Mia and Caroline were also (surprisingly) fast asleep.

But they were very excited to wake up and go upstairs! 

Zoe was huddled over her phone watching Youtube. 

"Good morning Momma! Merry Christmas!" Zoe said sleepily before she rushed upstairs. 

And Connor was snoring very,very loudly.

He woke up and rushed out of bed so fast, he almost tripped! 

Lindsey and Ivy stayed up late all night waiting for Santa. 

Ivy didn't stay up too late, so she was up and ready when Momma came in! Like Molly, she was also wayyy to excited to get her glasses. 

Lindsey, on the other hand, stayed up way to late and did not want to get up. 

Finally, everyone was upstairs in the loft! 

They were girls on the floor, 

girls (and Connor), on the bed, 

and girls by the tree. 

Ivy exclaimed, "Look everyone! The cookies and milk we set out are gone!" 

Like every year, the girls opened stockings first! 

Caroline stood on a chair and cut all the ribbons to get the stockings down. 

This, was the aftermath. 

Everyone sat down with their stocking. 

"Wait!" Saige called. "Before we get started, who gets the Santa hat?" 

The Santa hat is a tradition every year. The girl with the worst Christmas Morning Hair gets the hat to try and hide it. 

After a tough decision between Saige and Lanie, everybody agreed Saige's curls were the messiest. Now, onto the stockings! 

Stay tuned for part 2 and Happy Holidays! 

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