Happy Holidays! (Family Christmas Photoshoot!)

2:51 PM

My friends are telling me that I have to wait until December 1st to begin watching Christmas movies, but I laughed in their face. They also told me that I shouldn't doll Christmas posts until December 1st, and I laughed in their face again. 

Truth be told- I've been waiting for the holidays since the last holiday season was over. It's not really the presents that I love (although I do love the presents), I just love the season, and the sense of joy it brings. 

I also love watching Christmas movies staring Martin Freeman and jamming to Fall Out Boy's "Yule Shoot Your Eye Out".
But that's just me! 

So, the time has come once again to make a huge mess of my dollhouse as I dress the gals...and Connor..in their Christmas gear, lug them downstairs, and photograph! 

This, my dear followers, is the 2014 Holiday Family photo. Ain't gonna lie, it's not my favorite. The way I postioned everyone, Caroline ended up being out of focus, and not everybody could fit in front of the tree (cough cough Connor) because I have too many dolls in my little family! Well, not so little...

Here's the Christmas Card for this year. Feel free to print it out and share with your dolls. Go ahead. You know you want to. 

Ivy and Caroline! Ivy's shoulder is bugging me, but ya know. I decided to photograph at "feeding time" for my dogs, so I had less time to photograph. But this is my oldest doll (Caroline- 2007) and newest doll (Ivy- 2014)! I'm a nostalgic person that always does these kinds of shots. Deal with it. 

Dearest little Zoe in color and black and white. For my birthday, my parents bought me Addy's new meet outfit (Zoe is an Addy doll) and it is so beautiful. I took a photoshoot of Lindsey wearing it, which will probably be my next post. 

Sweet little Abigale! Can you believe that this photo was not using flash? Her iris are so simple, just using my photography lights washes them out! 

Lindsey. Not my favorite photo of her. At all. 

Caroline looking cute as always! Not loving the colored photo, but I like the black and white. 

Mia looking cute as ever. I'm surprised at how unpopular this dress was last year- I absolutely love it! 

Saige. And yeah, I know she's wearing a flower dress, but I don't have enough Christmas outfits. 

Lanie- who also happens to be wearing a spring dress. 

Molly. She's also wearing a spring dress- but whatever. Also not very fond of her portrait either. Taking these as the sun sets isn't the best idea, oops! 

Cute lil Connor. He wasn't very in to wearing a vest a dress pants, but still, how could you not love him? He really needs a fancy outfit. 

Kanani. Her eye looks a bit funky, but I'll deal. 

And here, is the family photo in color. I put them all on boxes and CDs like last year to give them different heights. 

And, this photo is very special. On top, is this years photo, and the bottom is last years holiday photo. It's crazy to see how the family has changed and grown in just a year. If you want to look at some true fetus Sweet Nokia Street, click here for last year's Christmas Photoshoot. It's amazing to see how my photography has changed (hopefully improved as well!)

I'm going to leave you all with this photo of Ivy and Caroline. I'm not fond of colored holiday photos, but I like this one. 

I also just realized that out Christmas lights change from white to colored as well, AND have found the perfect setting for Christmas light bokeh. This will not be the end of tree photos! 

I don't know if I'll talk to you all next week, but I hope you have a great first week of December- don't forget to enter our contest and I just updated my profile after a year! Check that out as well. ;) 

chloe from sweet nokia street! 

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10 lovely comments

  1. Those pictures are gorgeous just wow. *_*
    And never let anyone tell you you can't watch Christmas movies before Dec. 1st. xD
    And Martin Freeman and Fall Out Boy are life.


    1. Aw, thank you! I totally agree. ;) Love your icon by the way.

  2. I've been watching Christmas movies since like the first week of November. Oops...? xD
    I NEED to check out the Nativity movie with Martin; Him in a Christmas movie just sounds too good to be true. xD
    Love the pictures; I'm getting more anxious for us to get our tree. :P
    Have a happy first week of December Chloe. =)

    1. Thank you so much! I'm off to go watch my first Christmas movie of the season...Grumpy Cat's Christmas! xD

  3. I think Ivy and Abigail's pictures are my favorite.
    I'm with you on the early Christmas thing, I would listen to Christmas music all November and dad would roll his eyes. He bought himself a shirt with the grinch on it that says "I must stop the Christmas music from coming!" XD Love Christmas
    Yay for December! : )

  4. These are just stunning! I love them all and your dolls all look so cute! Their outfits are so pretty! :)

  5. Just found your blog thanks to Jeneca Rose at Vinyl Girls! I think my sister (Blaire) takes the cake-she's been watching "ELF" biweekly since August. Love your posts!!

    Your friend,

  6. Oh my word! You have beautiful dolls! Merry Christmas!


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