Cousins???? (A Thanksgiving Photostory!)

6:31 PM

(Told by Ivy!)

*Ding- Dong!* The doorbell sung this morning. Kanani was in the kitchen, pulling a fresh batch of donuts out of the oven. 

"Hello?" She called, "Can somebody get the door? I'm a bit busy!" 

I was, of course, the only one to hear her (you see, some of my siblings have "selective hearing"). I made my way to the front door grabbing a candy corn from the kitchen on my way.

"Thank you, Ivy." 'Nani smiled at me. I smiled back.  

I opened the door to find a young girl. " it Girl Scout Cookie time already? My sister is a Girl Scout, so we buy cookies from her..sorry." I said. 

"Ivy? Who's at the door?" 'Nani called as walked to me. "Oh! Aurora, daring! I didn't think you'd be hear so soon! Come in, come in! Leave your shoes outside, its awfully muddy out there."

So in entered three little kids. 

Kanani gave a big hug to each of them. 

When she hugged the little boy, she turned around to me and said, "Oh! Ivy! Where are my manners? These are your cousins, Kristoff,"she pointed to the little boy,"Poco,"she pointed to the girl with short, black, hair who was standing in the middle, "And Aurora." Lastly, she gestured to the girl on the end in flower sweater and blonde hair. 

"" Kanani shot me a glare. What?? What was I supposed to say?

Kanani shouted,"Connor! Come here!" We waited. "Connor! NOW!"

Connor rushed in. "Okay, okay, Kana- bro!!! Why didn't you tell me you were coming?" He went straight to Kristoff and they did a secret handshake type thing. 

Kanani whispered to me,"Kristoff and Connor are the only guys in the whole family. They have a special relationship." I nodded. 

"Why don't you go take the suitcase upstairs Connor?" Kanani said. (not asked- it was a command!)

Connor said okay and him and Kristoff were off. Then, 'Nani told me to take the girls up to see Zoe because she hadn't met them either. 

"Zoe! Zoe!" I called, but I knew it would be useless. If Zoe's jamming- then their is no way to get through to her. 

The room became slightly more awkward (if that was possible) because Zoe started singing. I kicked her hoping that she would get up.

She took of her headphones, and when she looked up, was surprised to see the little dolls. "Uh, Ivy?"

I sighed. "Zoe, these are our cousins, 'Nani suggested that we hang out with them and get to know them before lunch?"

So, we all sat together and began chit-chatting about random things. The conversation started out a bit slow, but, 

it picked up. 


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5 lovely comments

  1. Very cute :0) Kristoff and Conner are very funny!
    I also think the cousins are some very cute doll. Where did I you get them?
    I love Zoe's dress by the way!
    - Zoë

    1. They are Disney animator dolls from the Disney store!

  2. Love the story. So fun. =)
    And I love Zoe's hair. ^-^
    Where'd you get her headphones?

  3. So cute! Kristoff looks adorable and so does Poco!:)


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