Halloween Week- Maleficent Costume

1:05 PM

It's here! The Maleficent costume! If you didn't know, all of the costumes you see here are homemade. The Maleficent to a very long time to create, and is very delicate. I hope you all enjoy the photos of the costume! 

This is the full Maleficent costume. It's a black shirt with sparkly sheer sleeves. The cape is separate, and has an attached collar. There is a long skirt with a leg slit to show off the black flats Maleficent is wearing. Her accessories include a black mask that resembles horns, a blackbird, and a staff. 

The cape can drape along Maleficent's arms, and gives a really dramatic look. 

Ok, this is one of my favorite shots from the shoot. The cape collar can cover her face perfectly! 

This is a better look at her horns. They have a strap under her chin, and a strap that goes behind her head. 

The raven is pet bird I got a Micheal's craft store. It has a wood clip on it, so I can attach it to the costume. 

The leg slit is one of my favorite parts. I just love how dramatic it looks! 

I actually took these photos at midnight using my new photography lights. I made a light box, and the lights create the perfect shadow and contrast to the black costume.

As you can see, the costume has a long tail too. I really love that the costume can stand well without the accessories too. 

The staff is actually a large staff for a human costume- it was purchased at GoodWill but it's orginally from Target. The staff was cut down to be doll sized. 

One last look at this costume. It's new this year and I love it so much. What do you think of it? 

Come back tomorrow for a new costume! Also- I had to start adding watermarks to my photos after a photo stealing issue on instagram. I hope you don't mind! And, if you want your doll costume to be featured as a part of Halloween week, e-mail me your photos at: agchloeandzoe@gmail.com


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6 lovely comments

  1. Wow! This is amazing! It looks soo good. I couldn't even tell that it was dark outside until you told me. I really need to try to do something with a light box.

  2. Gorgeous. Just gorgeous! I can't believe this is handmade; it looks like a shrunken down version of the real costume! =)

  3. That is AMAZING! I love it! Your light box is really cool by the way, definitely great for taking pictures when it is dark :)


  4. So cool! :D are you going to enter it in the doll wardrobe fashion design contest?!

  5. Hi Chole, I love the fantastic costume! :) I nominated you for an award at my blog, Life of a Library Girl (www.librarygirl-life.blogspot.com). I'd be honored if you could check it out!

    ~Mary Hannah (Mama Hen)

  6. I nominated you for the Grateful Blogger Award at http://polkadotbee123.blogspot.com/2014/11/grateful-blogger-tag.html


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