Dollhouse Tour- PART 1 !

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Yes, it is now finally time for THE DOLLHOUSE TOUR! Before we get started: Can you see that black and white room? With the hammock in it? That room has changed since I took this photo so please ignore that room for now, and tomorrow I will have an updated photo of it! 

And here is a view of the dollhouse from the other side! It is a total of  21 rooms. (the stable and hospital room are separate)

Today, I am giving you a tour of the sewing room, 

Connor's bedrom, 

and Lindsey and Ivy's bedroom. 

Let's start with the sewing room. The sewing room has a backdrop that sections off the dollhouse from the rest of my house. It was a originally a Journey Girl's trunk that I changed to resemble Isabelle's Sewing Studio from American Girl. You can see in the photo a small shopping basket, a table, and chair. 

The chair is from GoodWill. The table is homemade. You can see the design on the front leg, inspired by Isabelle's sewing table. 

Here's an overview of the table. There's the sewing machine (goodwill), a pin magnet (homemade), a seam riper (homemade), a notebook (dollar tree), a cutting board (homemade), a rotary cutter (homemade), patterns (homemade), a strawberry pin cushion (eraser with a toothpick stuck in it!) and some pencils. 

Here you can also see the bulletin board I made. I split the second part of the trunk into two using some cardboard I covered in fabric. On the top shelf there are: some patterns (homemade), empty thread spools (hobby lobby), and some fabric swatches. 

On the bottom there are more fabric swatches, a box of thread spools, a notebook, buttons, bias tape, fabric, elastic, and the old sewing machine made out of LEGOs. (This sewing machine was inspired by Fun With AG Fan!) 

There are two drawers underneath here. On the top I keep all of Connor's clothing, and on the bottom I keep dresses I made using the Doll Boutique craft book tutorials. 

My Favorite Things in the Sewing Room: 

The seam ripper,

the box of thread (I actually took my thread and wrapped it around them! It took soooo long..)

And the sewing machine! This sewing machine ACTUALLY WORKS. Yep. It does. 

Now onto Connor's room! I really love his room. 

On this wall he has his sport balls, a Minecraft pickaxe, a stool shaped like a football, with a skeleton and Finn figures on it, a hook that holds his jacket and beanie. 

On this side he has a closet (which is a shoe was his closet but now it's empty!) His nightstand (from Goodwill), a lamp (goodwill) his army hat (build-a-bear), video game controllers (from my school's book fair), gum (walmart) and some of the figurines. On top of his closet he has a trophy (dollar tree), a train conductor's hat (from a local shop) , a LEGO ninja, a toy car (target) , and some other stuff. 

He has another hook where he keeps his beloved Batman mask and cape (build-a-bear) and Connor's bed is from IKEA with homemade bedding. On the bed he has a phone (local store).

My Favorite Things in Connor's Room: 

All along his bed, I have toy cars lined up. These are from various places, but these were my toy cars when I was younger. 

I also love the pick because I made it with my brother. 

I also love the pack of 5 gum because Connor is based off my brother, and my brother always has a pack of 5 gum with him. 

Now, onto Lindsey and Ivy's room! They have a homemade bunk bed inspired by the Journey Girl's bunk bed. It's actually two shoe racks, (from an unknown place, haha) but I took one of the racks out, and just kept the legs. The ladder is homemade. Lindsey has the top bed and Ivy's bed is on the bottom. 

This is Ivy's bed, it's from American Girl when you do a hotel package. She uses the bedding it came with, but the small bus pillow is homemade, and I don't know where the small pink throw is from. Her pink slippers are also from an American Girl hotel package. You can also see the shelf, which is homemade. It has tape (hobby lobby), a notebook (party city), olaf figure (goodwill) and playmobil (from various stores but I don't think I spelled it right anyway..)

Oops! The reindeer and Elsa fell down xD

They have a nightstand, (goodwill) and on it the have a book (party city) and a notebook (AG), and some lemonade (AG). Their shelf (goodwill) has many things. A snowglode (dollar tree), MLP toys (mcdonalds) and other goodies. 

In the corner they have a backpack (build-a-bear), a laundry basket (target), roller skates, and two hooks with some more bags. 

Here is Lindsey's bed. The pillow at the bottom is homemade, and the rest of the bedding came with the IKEA bed in Connor's room. She has a homemade magazine, and some stuffed animals (target, build-a-bear).

My Favorites in Lindsey and Ivy's Room: 

I am really proud of myself for actually coming up with the idea for the bed, so I really like that. ;) 

The shelf. I love all the toys Lindsey has! 

And lastly, the Paramore posters. I started liking Paramore soon after I got Ivy, so it's Ivy's favorite band now. 

Stay tuned for Part 2!

Did you like the way I showed everything? (how I explained it, the number of photos, etc) Please tell me if there is anything I should do differently for Part 2. 

Also- if you have any questions feel free to ask! At the end of the tour posts I am doing one big FAQ/How I Built My Dollhouse post. So I will answer your questions there! 

Chloe :-)

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  1. Awesome dollhouse!! I like the fact that Conner is based of your brother. So many cute doll sized items!
    - Zoë from

  2. That is such an impressive setup! I enjoyed seeing the sewing room in particular. :)

  3. Great job! I loved how you told us where you got each thing and the doll sized sewing machine that actually works is a great find.

  4. I love it!! I love the girl's room! ;)

  5. I love your dollhouse! Especially the sewing room! Do you sew? I love sewing so much!:D

  6. Thanks SO much for this!!! I love it!!! The replication of Isabelle's sewing thing-a-ma-jig is spot on, and that mini sewing machine is amazing!!! SO cool that it works!!! Keep up the great work!!! I can't wait for the rest!!! ~Amelia

  7. Your doll house is great!


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