Playing Dolls with Ivy

11:05 AM

It was so nice outside yesterday! 

I grabbed a towel, my three dolls, and headed outside to play.

I put down my towel,

and got out my dolls! 

I was pretending that Elizabeth was the queen, and Kaya was the princess. 

But they were bad rulers! 

So, Addy was this super cool ninja and came to save the day! 

Oh no! Addy was hit! 

"Molly?" I heard a slightly familiar voice call.

It was Ivy!
"I thought you might be hungry, so I brought you some lunch."

"Oh! Thanks!" I quickly moved my dolls out of the way, and made room for Ivy to sit. 

Ivy brought apples, 

and sandwiches! 

Ivy also brought her dollies! "I was wondering if maybe, I could play with you? These are my dolls, Chelsea and Elsa." 
"Of course!" I replied eagerly. 

I caught Ivy up on my story. Addy was OK after the princess knocked her down, and freed the kingdom! Now Elsa, went on another crazy snow ramage! Addy had to defeat her! 

I had a really good time playing with Ivy.

I started playing with my sister, 

but ended playing with a friend. 

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  1. Love this photo story. Making new friends is awesome. Hanging out with old friends is outstanding.


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