Miss Ivy Ling. (New Doll!)

1:35 PM

Completely forgot to mention in my last post that doll #11 has moved into Sweet Nokia Street. 

YAY! :D Of course, if you were subscribed to my YouTube channel you'd already know this. Also, if you were subscribed to my YouTube channel you'd see photoshoots I've never shown here , Ivy's opening video , and much more. Incase you can't take a hint, CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL

I haven't done a photoshoot with her yet, just some photos for a video and a couple in the hotel. But, Ruthie is already sold out, so if you on the edge of getting Ivy, hopefully these photos will help tide you over. 

She's like a Mulan doll with short hair. "When will my reflection show who I am inside?" 

Ivy is also super cute with a side part. 

You should buy her now. 

And this photo is sideways because......? 

I hope you enjoyed these photos! 
Do you have Ivy? 
I you have any post requests or ideas, leave them in the comments! C:
Chloe with help from 

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7 lovely comments

  1. I need her. I really do.

    Welcome, Ivy!!

  2. Oh and post request: DOLLHOUSE TOUR!!!!

  3. Hi! I'm on the edge of maybe getting Ivy, Addy,Kaya, or Cecile (Before she sold out.) LOVE that last photo!!!! Ivy Is just so pretty....
    Zoë from - Glowyzoe.blogspot.com -

    1. Hi Zoe! C: I have Addy too. She is really beautiful and I completely recommend her. I suggest not get Kaya right now, and instead getting a doll that is about to retire.

  4. I nominated you for a award!!! Check my blog!!

  5. I love Ivy! I was able to get her and Ruthie before they retired (but I renamed my Ivy Ellie). Oh, and I was wondering, do you recommend Abagaile? I really like her, and if I do get her, I would name her Nina or Penelope (Penny for short). ~Abigail

    1. I do recommend her! Penelope would be an adorable name! C:


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