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Hey guys! I spent the last week backpacking in the woods, so sorry for no posts. ;) 
As you may know, I'm planning on doing a dollhouse tour posts very soon! When I came back from camping, my dad surprised me with a whole new dollhouse extension!! (all the empty rooms), it'll take me a while to paint and decorate them, so I wanted to ask you a few questions about the dollhouse tour posts (please answer in the comments!)

1. Would you rather I did one brief and short dollhouse tour post, OR a more detailed multiple post tour, with about 2-3 rooms per post. 

2. Would you rather me start with the already finished rooms OR wait until my whole house is complete? 

3. What should I do with the top two rooms in the new part? (the polka dot room and the green room) I have no need for extra bedrooms, I already have a laundry room, dining room, office, sewing room....I can't think of anything else! Please give me some ideas! C:

Thank you! 

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6 lovely comments

  1. Congratulations!!!!! For the tour, I prefer: "a more detailed multiple post tour, with about 2-3 rooms per post." and I would "wait until your whole house is complete." As for the room ideas: Green Room = Walk-In Closet; Polka-Dot Room = Living Room (Couch, Television, some art, and depending on the depth / width of the room, a table). Hope I helped!!!!! ~Amelia

  2. Firstly, this looks amazing!!!!!!! SO awesome!

    And my suggestions:

    1. What about 1 long post about each of the rooms??? :)

    2. Start with the rooms you already designed!

    3. What about Bathroom or a Kitchen or a Attic just to store your clothes or something or a rooftop????

    Hope this helped!!!!


  3. I would love a detailed post. :) I think one of the rooms should be a bathroom and the other one should be a kitchen!

  4. I think multiple detailed posts! Start with your already completed rooms, I CAN'T WAIT ANY LONGER!

    As for what to do with the extra rooms...
    - An extra bathroom (I'm sure Mia would like that)
    - An indoor pool
    - Art/music room for Saige and Abigail
    - Darkroom (for Caroline's photography)
    - A library
    - A rec room
    - A movie room (with a popcorn maker and Icee machine and stuff.....)

    I'm so excited for you!!!

  5. I think multiple detailed posts would be better. And you might want to start with the already finished rooms. And here's a few ideas for your new rooms: a playroom, a classroom, a library, or you could even make one be a porch/deck! Hope I helped, and I can't wait to see your dollhouse!

  6. 1. I think you should do a detailed post for each room, then just link to a
    L the other room posts once you're finished.


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