Fixing Up My Horses!

5:35 PM

Hey guys! This week I decided to fix up my Our Generation doll horses. 

I'd like you to meet my new horse, Ghost! Only five dollars at Goodwill...score! 

Smokey has only made a few appearances, so if you haven't met him yet, this is Smokey! 

We start the restoration with a simple wiping. ;) I am using the Target brand disinfectant wipes, but it honestly doesn't really matter. 

Ghost's hair was getting in the way, so I put it up in a fashionable high bun thing.

After I wipe down both Smokey and Ghost, I cut a piece of a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and get it wet. I then rub off marks on both horses. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers got rid of almost all of the scratches!

Now, we move on to the main attraction- fixing the manes and tails! I removed the braid that was in Smokey's tail, (it was in for months..yikes!) and fill up my sink with water. (Temperature isn't really important, I used warm water, though.)

I used the conditioner that was just in my bathroom.

Once the sink is ready, go ahead and get the tail wet, from bottom to the top. Put conditioner on you hand and work it through the tail. (More is better than less!) On super tangled areas, I put conditioner on the tail, rather than my hand. Use the same procedure for the mane! 

Both mane and tail are now conditioned and ready! 

For Smokey, I used curlers, as I wanted a slight curl to his mane. 
For Ghost, I braided it, and I put curlers on the end. 
I let the mane and tail air dry overnight. 

Ghost before- fresh out of GoodWill- a few marks, but very, very horrible hair. 

Ghost after- Absolutely no marks, and gorgeous hair. I don't think I can even convey through pictures how absolutely lovely Ghost's hair is now. It is really amazing. 

Smokey before- Horrible tale, plenty of marks. 

Smokey After- Gorgeous mane and tail, and no marks! 

The change in my horses are amazing! I can't wait to do more photostories with them! 
I posed the horses in front my dollhouse as a sneak peek to what's to come...dollhouse tour posts! 
If you have any posts requests please let me know! 

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9 lovely comments

  1. That's so cool! I have a doll horse, though I don't use him much! I'll definitely have to try this on my horse. I especially love how Smokey's mane came out!

  2. Ghost is too fab 4 u. So fab in tht bun.

    Haha just kidding. I'd love to see a doll house tour, and your horses look lovely! I should really bring out mine, now that it's summer and all...

  3. Ghost and Smoky look great! You did a good job.

  4. Great job, if I ever get a doll horse I will definitely use this.

  5. Hi! I love looking at the before and after of restoration processes. By the way I nominated you for the Daisy Chain Award!
    Zoë from

  6. The difference in the before and after is amazing!!! Good work!

  7. The horses look really nice now :) I have a My Life As horse from Walmart and I was wondering if the steps you did to fix up your horses would work for mine? (By the way, your dollhouse look amazing!!)


  8. Nice job! I hope that I can get the OG horse and that stable sometime soon.
    I nominated you for the Beachy Blogger award!
    ~Lydia~ <3

  9. Great stuff! I've collected model horses, especially Breyers since the 50s. A friend gave me two of these, a black which turns out to be the Our Generation Saddlebred, and the white one above. I rehabbed the black with some Rustoleum 2X (sticks to plastic) back to his basic black. The white became a seahorse in Rustoleum Oasis blue, with a topcoat of ModPodge with just enough glitter for a look somewhere between fleabitten grey and seawater. Great models, would have loved one as a kid. Nicer anatomy than the American Girl horses, even if the heads are a wee bit clunkier than a Breyer.


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