OOTW- Leather Curls

7:25 AM

Woah! It's been like what, TWO WEEKS??!?!?!?! you can blame camp for that, lol. Enjoy the photos! 

I was working on some indoor photography, but then I had the genius idea of taking Kanani to the window! I'm happy with the results. What did you like better, the indoor photos or the ones at the window? I liked both. The indoor ones are some of the best indoor photos I've ever taken, but I love the window ones where you can see my camera. 

Doll: Kanani GOTY 2011
Flower Crown: For Sweet Nokia Street's Summer Release!!
Bustier: AGTriviaMaster (I forgot the name of her Etsy...)
Leggings: Just Like Maisy on Etsy
Record: Made by Me! 

If you have any post requests let me know below! c: See you soon (I hope!)

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8 lovely comments

  1. AAACCCKKK! These are GORGEOUS!! How are you such good photographer?! I loooooove these.......

    Oh, and I was just wondering, what happened to your Instagram?

    1. Thank you! C: I deleted my Instagram.

    2. Oh ok! I was freakin out when you weren't there anymore :)

  2. OHHH MY GOODNESS! That is soooo cute. I love the flower crown. ;]

  3. Cute pictures! Did you delete Insta? Please let me know what happened :(

    1. Thanks Juliet! I did delete Instagram. I was standing up for my friend and in return got called some very rude words. It upset me, as she was saying mean things about her, and when I told her to stop, I was attacked. I don't really want to be apart of something where such hurtful things are thrown around like crazy. I planned to get rid of my ghost followers anyways, I had 2.1K but 1.8K was all ghosties- so I didn't lose too many followers, lol. Instagram was also taking up my life. I was on 24/7, and now I feel like I can breathe again. Connor still has his instagram, @connorissassierthenyou but it's just weird photobooth photos basically. I kept it because it made so many people laugh. I might rejoin, but not right now. C:


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