Day 2 At Camp: Nature Scrapbooks!

5:37 AM

So today in the breakfast hall, the Deer Den gals were told to head to Arts and Crafts when we finished eating. We're were all super excited 'cos we got to see Saige! 

"Hi Saige!" We all chimed. 
"What are we making today?" Zoe asked. 
Saige sighed. "I spent an hour looking for that chalkboard and you don't even read it, Zoe?" 
Everyone giggled. "Zoe we're making nature scrapbooks!" I told her. 

"So," Saige began, "Step one is that each of you pick out a piece of scrapbook paper and fold it in half." I picked the one on the top! It looks like fireworks. :) 

"Now, you have to glue it shut." Saige instructed. 

We had to fold them in half again, then Zoe got to hole punch them. 

"Thread ribbon through the holes." Saige told us. 

"Almost done!" Saige said. "Now you get to decorate it!" 

I wrote my name in one of the pages! 

"It's beautiful!" Zoe giggled. 

"It's very nice girls." Saige nodded. "Now, while I clean up...

write your name on the wall!" Saige gestured to wall behind her. "It's all canvas, so everyone can sign it!" 

Zoe wrote hers first. 

And here's the wall with all our signatures! I can't wait to see at the end of summer once it's all colored on. 

We went back to the cabin, and put the scrapbook on the bedside table. I can't wait to use it! 

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2 lovely comments

  1. Awesome! That sounds like such a fun craft! I can't wait to hear more....

  2. That's so pretty! And I love the wall :) Just might have to make a few of those scrapbooks...


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