Day 1 at Camp Doll Diaries!

1:35 PM

Well, today is the day! Camp Doll Diaries has officially begun! My sisters, Lindsey, Zoe, and I arrived at camp and walked up to the registration desk. 

Saige volunteered to work in the arts and crafts room this year! Since there are no arts and crafts today, she's working at the registration desk. 

"Hi, Saige!" I said. 
Saige smilied. "Hey, Lanie! Here to check in?" I nodded. "Awesome! Let's see...."she started typing in her computer. "Okay. You know you are in the Deer Den cabin and Caroline is your counselor?" 

"Yeah!" I said. Saige handed me my name tag and told me to pin it to my shirt. I did, and then I waited for Lindsey and Zoe to get checked in. Once they were ready, Saige told us to go down the hall where all the counselors were waiting. 

We spotted Caroline immediately! 
"Hi, girls!" she called out to us. 
Zoe ran up to her, "Caroline! It's been like two weeks since I've seen you!" We all laughed. 
"Okay, come on, let me show you your cabin." So, we all followed Caroline. 

"Welcome one and all, to the Deer Den!" 

Lindsey ran to the beds. "I call top bunk!" She shouted as she threw her bag to the top. We all giggled. 

Zoe immediately called middle bunk after, so I had to sleep on the floor. 

As my sisters started dumping out their bags, I sat in the small fold-up chair. There wasn't any room for me to start unpacking. 

"Okay, Deer Den! We will come back later. For now, I am required to take you all on a little hike." Caroline smirked suspiciously. 

"Where are we going?" Lindsey complained. 
"It's a surprise!" Caroline called back. 

Zoe moaned. "Are we there yet?"

"What about now?" Zoe asked.
Caroline rolled her eyes. "Still no." 

After about three more minutes of walking, Caroline stopped. 
"We're here, girls!" she said.

"I welcome you to the Camp Doll Diaries Lake- where you will be spending Outdoor Explorers Week!" 

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  1. Awesome! That looks like lots of fun! Our dolls are enjoying the first day of camp doll diaries as well at


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