Camp Doll Diaries: Recital?

7:02 PM

After breakfast, the campers were told to say in their cabins until their counselor came and got them. The Deer Den is buzzing with excitement right now. Everyone's curious about what we're going to do! The theme for this week hasn't been revealed yet. 

After about forever and a day, Caroline walked in. "Hi girls! Sorry I'm late. Today, I'll be showing you a new area in Camp DD...the rec room!" We all followed Caroline into the hall. 

When we got into the rec room we saw some dolls playing games. Caroline said that the rec room is always open to play games, chat, and sometimes activities happen here if it's raining. 

Caroline had to go..something about an 'emergency counselor meeting' because there might be a bear in the forest. She said all we need to know is in the rec room, and we can either hang out here or go back to the cabin until lunch. 

I immediately saw what we need to know!

"What's this?" Zoe asked.
"Oooh!" Lindsey squealed, "This week's theme is Take a Bow! We're doing a recital!" 
"And we have to choose an act..." I said.

We went back to the cabin 'cos we didn't want the other dolls to steal our recital ideas. 
"So what do you want to do?" I started the conversation. 

Everyone thought for a moment. "I don't know. I could do gymnastics but I don't know what you and Lindsey could do." Zoe said. 
"We could do a play?" I suggested. "Zoe you love writing- you could write it! I love to preform to!" 

"Well, I don't love to preform! I have massive stage fright!" Lindsey added. 

"But a play is a good idea...maybe if we did a play without showing our faces? But how could we do that...." Zoe sighed. 


Lindsey gasped. "I know! I know! We could do a puppet show!!"

"That's a great idea!" I exclaimed.
Zoe nodded eagerly. 

"All in favor of doing a puppet show put your hands in!" 

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  1. Oooooh! I can't wait to see how it goes...........


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