Camp Doll Diaries: Nature Hike + Pressing Flowers!

5:57 PM

Today at camp, we went on a Nature Hike by the lake. 

"Right this way.." Caroline said. 

I was sooo tired, though! I started falling behind. 

"Hold on..let me just...catch my breath..." I panted as I sat down on a rock. 

"Quite alright, Zoe. While we're stopped, who would like to tell me what type of tree this is?" Caroline asked. 

"Umm..Cypress?" Lanie said.
Lindsey looked puzzled. "I thought Cypress was a type of potato." 
"Um no, Lindsey. It's a tree. And Lanie you are correct." Caroline told us. I got up and we moved on. 

"So, Caroline where are we going? Do we get to go to the lake?" I asked. 
"We're not going to the lake, we're on a circle path, it'll lead us back to camp." 

"So we're going in a circle." Lindsey sounded bored.
"Yeah. I just said that."

We all giggled, and continued on. 

Lindsey stopped. "Hey, Caroline, what's this plant?" She asked. 

I knew that plant! It was Poison Ivy! Lindsey was about to touch it! I shoved her out of the way immediately. 

We both crashed to the ground. 
Caroline came over, "Actually, Lindsey, that's just a weed." 
Oh. Whoops! 

Once we got back up, Caroline continued. "Speaking of weeds, take a look at these flowers." 

"We have permission from the park ranger to pick some for a craft, so pick away, ladies!" 

Lanie picked some really nice flowers. 

Lindsey put one in her hair, "Hi everyone, I'm fabulous Mia!" we all giggled. 

After we got some flowers, Caroline pointed this cactus out. "Who can tell me what kind of cactus this is?"

Lanie raised her hand. "Um, anyone but Lanie...?" Caroline said. "Anyone at all?"
Lindsey spoke up, "Um..a cactus?" Caroline shook her head. 
"Prickly Pear?" I said. Caroline smiled and nodded. 

"Okay, let's go!" She called to us. 


We went right to Saige's art room when we got back. 

"Hi Saige!" we called.
"Hi Deer Den! Today, we're pressing flowers." She began her lesson as I placed the flowers (that had dried a bit on the hike), on the table.

"The first step, is the pound the flowers with a book. " Lindsey went first, then me, then Lanie. It was really fun! 

Lastly, Saige showed us a nice sunny window to keep the flowers- in a few days, they'll be ready to put in our Nature Scrapbooks! 

What are you doing at camp?
Zoe :)

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2 lovely comments

  1. I love all the pictures! Seems like an awesome time at camp :)

  2. I love all the pictures! Seems like an awesome time at camp :)


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