1 Summer of Fabulous- OOTW Tips

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Hello, everyone! The time has come to start the second annual Days of Fabulous! This year, it's going to be Fabulous ALL SUMMER LONG! Every Saturday and Sunday is a new post from either me, Abgaile, or a guest post. 

So let's begin! 

When we first announced the 1 Summer of Fabulous, we got lots of requests to do OOTW! If you're not familiar with these, an OOTW is Outfit of the Week. At Sweet Nokia Street, our OOTW pictures are also unedited. 

So, why not start with tips on doing an OOTW? We've seen many similar posts, but ours was the first! 

I think the first 'step' is to find an easy bokeh spot. We use this tree. Sometimes it looks good, others...not so much. ;)

You also need to move around. Don't limit yourself to one area to take photos. Like, here we are at another tree! 

Try lots of different angles for one photo, we like this one much better then the photo above it. All we did was move the camera angle! 

This tree is also a great spot to hit solar flares. We really like solar flares most of time, try to get one of your own! 

Weird angles sometimes look really creative. ;) 

A wood fence acts a great neutral background. 

Try and get creative with some of your photos! We used dead flowers as a prop. 

And of course, the outfit is the most important part! Hopefully we'll give you some great ideas on fabulous outfits this summer. 

Bustier: azturpealean on Etsy
Shorts: American Girl
Boots: Local Store

Until tomorrow....

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