Our (Late) Easter Celebration!

11:15 AM

Long time no post, huh? Sorry about that, everyone! (We went on vacation.)

Here the doll's Easter...told in a new format. ;) 

All the dolls were dressed in their Easter best waiting in their bedrooms for the signal to go off. 

Everyone was dressed nicely except Connor, who refused to where anything else. 

What signal? Why, the one that called the Easter Egg Hunt to start. 

Every doll was standing on edge as it could be any second the race of a lifetime would begin. 

The Easter Baskets were set on the beds for the dolls to grab as soon as the whistle blew. 

Everybody was in a dramatic silence as they knew the signal would be soon.

Zoe was the most nervous. This would be the first time any of her sisters met her, except for Lanie. 

"BRRRRRIIINNNNGGG!" The whistle went off. Dolls rushed to grab their baskets, and the race began!

"Now where could those eggs be!" Lanie wondered. 

Connor was the first to collect an egg- spotting one by his various sports balls. 

"Aha!" Lindsey said as she bent down to get one out of her slipper. 

Kanani found a pink egg hidden amongst Saige's rubber duck collection. 

Zoe found both in her room, and moved to the bathroom to see what she could find! 

Connor and Lindsey both had the same idea of going to the living room to hunt. 

Caroline was the next one done, searching the kitchen. 

Lanie looked in the office, while Saige looked in the laundry room. 

Abagaile found her first egg in the sewing wardrobe! 

Mia went in the opposite direction of Abagaile, and looked in the clothes closet.

Being the last one downstairs, Molly looked in the pants closet. 

Once the race was over, everyone sat down in a big circle so the eggs could be counted. But who is missing? 


"Sorry, I thought there were more!" Zoe said, out of breath.

Caroline looked puzzled, "Who are you?" 

"I'm Zoe, your sister!" Zoe cheerfully replied. 

The girls nodded and said their welcomes. It was speculated for Zoe to arrive awhile ago, but she just never showed up. 

Then, everyone counted their eggs! 

"Congrats, Connor, on being our champion with five eggs!"

"Who's Connor?" he asked, holding back giggles.

I rolled my eyes, "Right, right. Congrats Batman."

"Thank you, citizen of Gotham City!" 

Being the champion, Connor got to open his Easter present from me first. 

He was delighted to get a hat, new PJ's and sign for his room. 

Lanie also had five eggs, and she got a lantern, a jacket..

and a giant purple monkey she named George. 

Zoe collected four eggs, and got new Mary Janes, a jacket, and some sunglasses.

She said her gifts were, "Rad."

Saige's turn! 

She got a new sketchbook, a shirt, and a pair of shoes. 

Molly got a top, skirt and purse.

Lindsey received buttons and new duck tape! 

Caroline collected three eggs, and she got a top and skirt. 

Mia also collected three, so she got to go next! 

She got a skirt just like Caroline's, a new blow-dryer, and sandals. 

Abagaile got a shirt and shoes. 

Kanani went last. 

She got a frozen poster, a shirt, and a purse.

Happy Easter! 

Sorry this post was so late. :/

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  1. Happy belated easter, it looks like you had lots of fun

  2. Awesome post!!! :) do you think u could sometime do a post touring your doll house/room or/and where you keep your dolls?! If so that would be great!!!! :)


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