Molly's Extraordinary California Adventure! {Part 7!} DISNEYLAND

6:21 AM

12:00 (ish) MONDAY MAY 5
Side Note: We wanted Part 7 to be the last part, so this is a little more photos then usual. ;) 

After a quick excursion to California Adventure, we were Disneyland bound! 

I absolutely loved these flowers on Main Street! 

Main Street is so pretty. It's actually made to look longer then it really is! 

One last photo of Main Street, USA! ;) Can you see Sleeping Beauty's  castle in the back? 

Momma's momma insited that we stop at every.single.window.display. 

I took a photo of each, but they all turned out pretty bad because of glare. :( This one is pretty bad, but you can see Ariel and Flounder! They are Momma's favorite, so I thought I should include. 

And this one, you can see Mulan! They have these at one store on the left side of Main Street- they move too! I absolutely love them.YOU MUST CHECK THEM OUT! 

The next thing I did was I saw the famous, "Partners" statue! 

It was super cool. :)

All around that statue, there are a bunch of other ones! Here I am with the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. 

Here I am with Chip and Dale! 

The castle was amazing! 

We went to the Jungle Cruise ride first! 

Which is in Adventureland! 

While waiting, I got a picture outside the "Enchanted Tiki Room" (one of the best rides ever!) 

Here I am outside of the Aladdin show. 

After Jungle Cruise, we headed to Haunted Mansion. I stopped to pose by Pirates of the Caribbean, which was closed in prep for summer. A lot of rides were closed. ;) 

Here I am at the Haunted Mansion! It's Momma's favorite ride. 

I found the Haunted Mansion a bit scary. 

Here is the actual Mansion! 

And here I am by the carriage in the line! 

We saw Marry Poppins and Bert in the street! 

I did my best to get a picture, but it was so crowded I kind of failed. :P 

Here I am at the side of the castle. I think that owl is from Bambi, but I'm not too sure. 

I'm a fairy, so here I am "flying by!" hehe! 

At the side of the castle, there is Snow White's wishing well! 

It's really pretty! 

Can you see the dwarves in the background? 

If you listen to the well, you can hear Snow White singing! 

Momma and Peter! 

Okay, okay. I HAD to include this! Momma didn't want me to, but it's just too funny! As we turned to leave, we found Peter Pan! We don't how long he was watching us, but he just..was! Momma nearly had a heart attack. 

Peter was really interested in me! He said this as he messed with my eyelid: (and I quote!) "She's to big to be a fairy, but to small to be a human!" Momma seriously nearly passed out (she was suprised!) 

We moved on to what I was waiting for...Fantasyland! Here's a picture of me as we entered under the castle. 

The first thing I did was see if I could get the Sword out of the Stone! I didn't. :( 

So, while I was doing this, one of those Disney photographer guys rushed up. Momma wasn't as freaked out, though.(as freaked out as the Peter incident) The photographer thought I was a baby that Momma was trying to balance! Why NO I AM NOT A BABY! Thank you very much. D:<

Then, I got to meet Dumbo! :D 

Here I am outside Mr. Toad's Wild Ride! I didn't go, but you can meet Anna and Elsa here too! Actually, it's next Mr. Toad. We didn't go, but Momma would have waited in that two hour line if Kristoff was there. 

There was a "Nikon Photo Opportunity" here so, why not? The Matterhorn is super pretty! 

And here I am by Tomorrowland! 

We are now at the part I have been DYING TO SHARE! 

Yes, my most favorite part of the trip! 

 I waited in line patiently.. 

Can you guess where we are yet? 

What about now?

Here I am sitting on a toadstool. :) Almost there! 

I, Molly the fairy, has arrived, in PIXIE HOLLOW TO MEET TINKER BELL!!!! 

Isn't this photo awesome? 

Momma totally surprised me with Tink at the very end! 

I think Tinker Bell really liked me! Right before this, she said: "Ooh! Look at her wings! We have to get a picture of our wings together!" 

And she gave a kiss before we left! Momma went back to California Adventure, but I stayed in the backpack. I was dead tired, and meeting Tink was a dream come true! I was busting with happiness! 

Well, that's all to come in this adventure. ;) Thanks everyone for following along on this 'exciting california adventure' with me! What was your favorite part? 
Momma's still traumatized from the whole Peter Pan incident, so I should go comfort her. ;) 

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4 lovely comments

  1. Wow, soooo super fun! The Peter Pan incident was hilarious! THIS was my favorite part!!

  2. That's so cool! Glad you had fun :) The pictures with Tink and Peter Pan are too cute!

  3. The Peter Pan incident was just TOO funny! The "Sword in the stone photographer thing" was funny to me, but probably very upsetting to you! I can just imagine the photographer being like, "Miss, be VERY careful with that baby!" Thank you so much for the information on this amazing "California Adventure"!! ~Amelia~

  4. lol, that is a great photo shoot. I like the the ones with Tinkerbell.


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