Molly's Extraordinary California Adventure {Part 3!}

5:27 PM


You guessed right! I got to go to the American Girl Store in Palo Alto! 

Walking in, we saw the limited edition historical sets. 

Posing by Julie's Car! :) 

The Historical hair stuff! 

Kaya's display! 

This was the first time Momma and I got to see Isabelle in person. Isn't she cute? 

They had this giant star by the checkout! 

Here I am! :) 

A closer look at the star. 

The Bitty Twins are just SO cute! Don't you think? 

I want some lemonade! 

I think I'm going to get Kanani one of these aprons for her birthday. :) 

Upstairs- My AG! 

The Double Bow Dress is SO cute! I almost came home with one. ;) 

Some other pretty dollies in pretty dresses. 

Doesn't the Double Bow Dress look great on MAG 19? (the one with the ponytail)

Horses! They made me think of time I got to ride Saige's pony. 

Oooh! Party time! 

Lastly, I said hello to a pretty girl doing gymnastics. Then it was time to check-out and leave the AG place! 

It was like 8:00 once we FINALLY GOT THERE! (to see Momma's family) Then, I had to wait in the car for another THREE HOURS while everyone caught up. Ugh. 

Anyways, I changed into some PJ's, the pants I was wearing on the plane, and a shirt that I got at the AG Place. 

Momma let me use her hoodie like a mummy sleeping bag. ;) 

More to come in this exciting adventure! 

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  1. I can't wait to hear more about your AMAZING adventure! Looks like you had an AWESOME time! ~Amelia

  2. That looks so FUN! What did you guys get at the AG Store?

  3. Fun! Don't forget to share what you got, looks interesting ;)


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