Molly's Extraordinary California Adventure {Part 1!}

3:10 PM


"Today is the day!" I thought to myself. "I finally get to go on vacation with Mommy!"

"Bye!" I whispered to my dolls and ponies.

I gave Bennett a big hug, as I wouldn't see him for a whole five days! That's the longest I've ever been separated from my dog. :( But I know my sisters would take good care of him while I'm gone. 

I tiptoed downstairs to find Kanani waiting for me with breakfast on the table.
"Good Morning, Molly!" she whispered. 

I started to eat, as always, it was delicious. 

Kanani brought over some cinnamon rolls, and sat down.

"How are you? Are you nervous?" Kanani asked.
I moved in my seat. "A little. But I'm also really excited!" 
Being the most recent doll to travel with Momma on a plane, Kanani told me all about the airport and how Momma is deathly scared of airplanes. 

Speaking of Momma, she came into the dollhouse now to get me. "Let's go Molly! Don't want to be late!" 

Kanani and I stood up and I gave my sister a big hug. "Buy Nani! See you soon!" 

"Goodbye, Molly. Be safe and have fun!" Kanani called after me.

Then, I was leaving, off to find an adventure of own. 

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