A Package from Camp Doll Diaries!

6:56 AM

After school today, Lindsey and I were watching some TV. 


"I'll get it!" I called. 

I was so glad I did call it! We got packages! 

Hey, Lindsey, get Zoe down here! She got a package too! 

"What's going on?" Zoe asked. 

"We got packages!" 

"From who?" 

"Camp Doll Diaries!" I shouted. This sent the other two in a flurry of excitement, eager to see what was inside! 

Lindsey looked worried. "What if they're letters saying we can't go to camp?" 

"Don't be ridiculous!" Zoe rolled her eyes. 

We ripped our packages open, so more careful than others. 

The envelopes were placed aside. 

"What is it?" Lindsey said. 

"T-shirts!" I said cheerfully. 

"oooh!' Zoe examined the blue top. 

Lindsey got really serious, "Okay, let's all read the letters on three. Whatever happens, it will be ok." 

I giggled. "What do you think could happen?" 

"This is no laughing matter, Lanie! We might not be accepted! Okay, one....two...three..."

The papers were flipped over quickly. 

"Wait..what?" Lindsey was shocked! 

I actually started to think she didn't get in until I read my letter! Caroline, my sister, was our counselor! 

Lindsey laughed a little. "Well, this looks like an interesting summer is approaching." 

"Yes, indeed, Lindsey. Yes indeed."

Are you going to camp? 

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