1 Summer of Fabulous Contest!

4:12 PM

Hey everyone! 
It's your two favorite fashionistas! ;) 
Mia and 

So, if you were one of our older followers, you'd be familiar with something we did last May called: 21 Days of Fabulous! 
We really hoped to continue it this year on those same dates, but school is different this year, so it just didn't work out. :( 

But we still want to do the 21 Days of Fabulous! Just a little different. 

So, all summer long, every weekend (Saturday and Sunday) you'll be given our Fabulous posts! This way, you can spend the week hearing about our sisters at Camp Doll Diaries. 

We need your help for this year! E-mail us your favorite OOTW, favorite fashion piece, fashion how- to, SOMETHING FABULOUS! (basically) ;) for the opportunity to be featured! 

You can also use this as free advertising: in your submission, include your blog address, etsy shop link, instagram, flickr, youtube...whatever!

You can submit as many times as you want throughout the summer, and at the end, we'll pick our top three favorites who will win a 1 Summer of Fabulous poster! You must be able to receive things in the mail if you want to enter. If you can't, you can still enter! (just let us know you won't be able to compete in the competition!) 
You're in for a fabulous summer girls...giveaways, fashion, DIYs....

e-mail your entries to: agchloeandzoe@gmail.com

Feel free to ask us any questions! See you next weekend for the official kick off! 

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5 lovely comments

  1. Omigosh, I was just reading back to your Fabulous posts from last year!!

    I was wondering if it we be ok for me to do 21 Days Of Fabulous on my blog? I'd give credit to you and everything, and the posts would be different. I just really loved the name!!

  2. Awesome! I probably send in a post this summer! Think brain, think! :)

  3. AWESOME! I can't wait to send in an outfit :)

    ~ TheDolly Trolley


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