Our Camping Adventure! Part 3 (New Doll!)

3:30 PM

Part 3 of our camping adventure! (LAST PART WOOO) 

Like I said last time, Momma let us go to the human fire. Which was pretty spectacular. 

Momma and her brother had just gotten back from finding some twigs to keep the fire going. She said Zoe and I could throw one in!!! 

Can you find my stick? It was SO COOL to watch the flames spark on the stick I threw into the fire. 

Can you still see my stick? It was totally covered in the flames by now. 

"My turn!" Zoe said. 

(Can you find Zoe's stick?"

"WOAH! Zoe your stick is completely engulfed in flames! 


We sat down in a super fancy chair to have dinner! 

It was getting a little chilly, so Momma gave us a blanket. Momma says that begginging campers can have a cheat on one meal. Dinner was my, "cheat". We had cold pizza from Friday's dinner. 

After a little while, Zoe asked me about the rest of our sisters and brother. 

We spent the rest of the daylight talking about home, and before we knew it, we were roasting marshmallows! 

"I can't wait to eat these!"

"I know right? They are going to be soooo delicious." 

We were kinda faraway from the fire pit, Momma didn't want us to get too close and we could only go over there one at a time. 

I went over to the fire first, and I wanted my marshmellow to be as perfect as possible! 

After Zoe went and we ate our roasted marshmellows, we decided to play a funny trick on the humans! 

Zoe set up the flashlight. "Ready?"


(from the inside of the tent) 

"RARRRR IM GOING TO EAT YOU!!!" Zoe and I both had to quit from laughing as we heard Momma shriek. 

She thought it was a monster but really...

it was just a Lanie! 

After a little while, Zoe and I went to bed. 

We forgot to put our cooler away- whoops! 

Zoe slept on one side of the tent, 

and I slept on the other. We woke up to the sound of birds! 

"Good morning Zoe!"

"Good morning Lanie!"

Zoe and I were both really hungry so we had a semi-early breakfast. 

The ground was a little wet. Did it rain last night? 

For breakfast we had cereal and bananas. 

"Ring ring! Hello? This is Zoe." Zoe was really funny and pretend the banana was a phone! 

After breakfast, we got ready to start the day! 

"Momma say we have to pack up soon, because storms are on the way." 

"Awwww. Okay let's go to the lake first!" Zoe tried to protest but I made her go. 

Even Lucky went! 

Before we left, I searched around camp to find a stick. 

"Here, Zoe. Use this walking stick to help keep your balance! 

"Oh great idea, Lanie! Thanks!"

And then off we set on our little adventure! 

Then, Zoe and I went back. 

I came camping with a total stranger I did not want to be around. 

But, I came home with a brand new friend.

Have you ever been camping? 
Lanie, & Zoe! 

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