Our Camping Adventure Part 2 (New Doll!)

5:54 PM

Part Two of our camping adventure! 

When I came back from my little nature walk around camp, it was about 12:30. Momma and her family were eating lunch, and I was pretty hungry. I think Zoe was too, but she didn't say anything.

I opened up the cooler and got out food for lunch. 

If this camping trip was going to be at least half decent, I had to get to know Zoe better. "So...Zoe. Tell me about yourself. I mean, we are going to be sisters and stuff." 

"Oh, well, um, I like music. Not like you know, playing the piano, but listening to it."

"Oh cool. My- I mean- our- sister Abagaile is a musician. She plays guitar, flute, piano, trumpet, pretty much anything. And she sings. What's your favorite band?" 

"That's so cool! I really love Bastille, Arctic Monkeys, Lana Del Rey and Lorde are my favorite soloists too."

"I love Arctic Monkeys! They are my favorite band! I also really do like 'Pompeii' by Bastille. They are really good." 

"Yeah, 'Pompeii' is a really good song. Thanks for these sandwiches by the way, they are so good!"

"You say that like it's the best thing in the world." 

"I've been in a box for quite some time." Zoe smiled at me. 

"Sorry, forgot about that. I didn't make these, our sister Kanani did. She's a great chef." Zoe nodded. We finished lunch learning more about each other. Zoe likes to listen to music, read realistic fiction and dystopian novels, she likes to read poetry, and Zoe's favorite movie is the Avengers- but she really likes LOTR too. (like me!) 

"What do we do now? I've never been camping before."

"That's one of the great parts of camping, Zoe. You don't really have to do anything." It was at this moment, Momma's brother (whom we call 'Uncle or Uncy Hunter') arrived at our campsite and asked if we wanted to learn how to tie knots. We agreed immediately! 

We went over to the picnic table and waited for further instruction. 

Uncle Hunter showed us how to do it, then handed us the rope.

He helped us cut a few pieces, then we got started! 

"This is hard!"

"Yeah. I have no idea how in the world he does this!"

"Wait hold on, I think I've got it...."

"Ta-da!" Zoe claps at my finished knot. 

"Now only if I could figure this out..."

Once we were done with the knots, I went back to the lake for a little while. I don't get to see beauty like this often, you know? 

I'm the queen of the world! Haha. 

But seriously. The lake was gorgeous. 

Zoe still thought her legs were to weak to carry over here. So, she was getting an area set up to make a fire, 

I said 'goodbye for now' to the lake and headed back to camp. 

When I returned, Zoe ways a little ways off from camp with our fire. 

It was nice-ish. 

"Zoe, it's real great that you set this up and all, and I really do appreciate it. But...

but, this plastic campfire isn't giving off any heat. It's kind of lame."

"I totally agree with you. The fire pit is so tiny too!" 

Yes, that was one tiny fire pit. 

Using Momma's permission, I gathered some bark that fell off the trees to start...a fire! 

"Are you sure this will work, Lanie?" I was rubbing a stick hoping it would catch flame. 

"Probably not. If there was a chance of it working Momma wouldn't have let me do it." Zoe laughed and so did I. 

And it didn't work. 

I think Momma felt bad for us, and let go near the human fire. We had to be really far away, so it didn't melt our vinyl. 

"This is so cool. It reminds me of that song, 'Bonfire Heart'." Bonfire Heart is one of my favorite songs and I have to agree with her- the fire did remind me of it. 

"Woah! Do you see that! It looks like a Phoenix!" 

"Woah! That is so cool! "

What happens next? Stay tuned for Part 3.....

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