Our Camping Adventure! Part 1 (New Doll!)

9:55 AM

So wait- we had our first blogoversary then just decide to leave for a week? We need to get a schedule going over here. Onwards with the story! (told by Lanie) 

After months of begging and pleading, I actually got to go on a real camping trip! I've only been camping in the backyard. This was the real deal though! Momma's brother always goes camping for Boy Scouts, and I envy him greatly. 

This weekend, Momma's whole family went camping- and I got to come! 

I had waited my whole life for this. Thank goodness the campsite was only thirty minutes away....I was about to wet my pants I was so excited! 

Just as the car got started, something....err....happened. 

Another girl was plopped by me. I've never seen her before. This couldn't be good. 

Momma spoke up after a few beats of awkward silence. "Lanie, this is your, um, new....sister. Zoe. Zoe, this is Lanie." Zoe smiled at me. I faked a smile back at her and looked out the window. 

It was pretty outside but I was upset. A new sister? Really? We just took a family photo! This was the worst time to introduce her to me, too. It's not so much that she's my new sister, it's that she's coming camping with us. I thought it would just be me and momma! 

We were finally here- Lake Georgetown! A bit of history on it: Lake Georgetown is actually a man made lake that was made during the Great Depression. People used to live where the lake is now! 

I put this new doll to work by having her help set up camp. The tent was an anniversary present from Momma's brother. Our old tent was pretty beat up. 

The silence was really getting to me, I love the sounds of nature. The birds and the waves, but I felt bad not talking to this new doll. "Um..Hi." 


"So uh, I'm your sister, I guess. Hey could you hammer that down for me? Thanks." We finished the rest of the tent in silence. 

We sat down for a little while and enjoyed the beautiful sights and sounds of nature. 

The lake was.right.there. I had to go see it. I HAD TO. "I'm going to take a walk, you know, scope out the errr area. Do you want to come, Zoe?"

"Oh, thanks, but no thanks. I have some loose legs." She smiled at me and demonstrated: she lifted her leg a bit, but it fell down immediately. 

"Okay. Take care of camp!" I still wasn't to happy of this doll coming, but she seems nice enough. 

The lake was seriously five feet away from camp. How cool is that? 

There was a cool pavillion that was in each campsite. 

I decided to chill for a minute. ;) 

There was a flock of birds that kept flying around us. Luckily nobody got pooped on. 

Now, I could go see THE LAKE! 

I seriously don't think the day could be more beautiful. 

This is awesome. 

We weren't on the lake, we were on a hill/cliff/hillcliff looking over the lake. 


I can not explain how beautiful this all was! 

It seriously was just amazing.

The lake was so pretty. The sound of the water was just perfect. (or as Mia would say: perf) 

Of course, OF COURSE, Momma thought that this would be the perfect photo shoot opportunity.So, enjoy, I guess.  

It started to get really windy. :P 

i like lakes

There were so many trees so I decided to climb some. 

those trees tho 

I found a nice little walking stick. 


All too soon it was time to head back to camp.............


You'll just have to wait for part 2.....

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  1. WOAH, WHAT?! A new doll?! So jealous! Congratulations!
    (and I hope Lanie had buckets of fun)


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