OOTW: Meet Zoe + Bonus Pictures!

5:46 PM

I hope everyone's not bored to death with the camping photo stories (2 more to go!) But I wanted to take a break from writing all that. (so much effort!) So here I am, mixing up your feed with an OOTW: Zoe's very first! This is also in honor of Addy's birthday being today (Zoe being an Addy doll). 

If you are unfamiliar with these posts: i experiment with photography and doll fashion then post the pictures here completely unedited! 

The first few pictures start off in my backyard... 

Now we leave the dead grass backyard and head into...the park across the street! I've only taken pictures here twice. It's in a neighborhood full of people that go to school with me. I'm scared okay? But I really LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures. 

she looks like a garden fairy...o_o

 and this photo is sideways because......?

I really enjoyed taking these. It's so fun to get to find the perfect angles of a doll for the first time. Zoe's not like my other dolls (hair wise, skin tone wise,) so this was a challenge for me. 

One of my favorite parts of an OOTW is creating the outfit. I really struggled with that here because Zoe is one of the reallllllllllly old dolls (she has an artist mark!) and she doesn't fit into the majority of my doll clothing. So I had to "whip up" something special for her. ;) 

Zoe's Meet Outfit: 

Headscarf: Made by Me (for sale in Etsy)
Shirt: Made by Me (For those of you that don't understand what the shirt says: It's says "Bastille" which is a band. One of Zoe's favorite bands. As stated in last post.) 
Skirt: Made by Me
Shoes: AG

And now, for the bonus pictures as promised the title! These aren't too special, but they are some fun photos of Kanani as a princess. (non-edited also) 

Her entire outfit is from AG. 

I decided to be crazy AGAIN and take these photos of Nani in my front yard. 

Maybe one day I'll just stop caring about those joggers pushing strollers. 
Or not. 

Oh well! Leave some feedback! Whatcha think? 

Chloe (back to camping photo series tomorrow!)


Have another bonus pic! (slightly edited) 

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4 lovely comments

  1. I think you and me need to work on not caring about people who pass by ;) I live in the woods, so I totally OK in my own yard, but even just having my dolls out when people come over to my room holds a level of stress. I'm just a stressful person in general :^/ Beautiful pictures! I love Zoe's headband :)

  2. Zoe looks pretty and so does Kanani. :)

  3. Her hair is so pretty! I love that outfit. :)

  4. Gorgeous photos! You're making me want Addy even more :0)
    Her outfit is so cute.
    Kanani looks so great in purple!
    - Zoë
    ( One more thing. This is kind of a random question, but what does OOTW mean?)


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