Easter Egg Decorating

6:49 PM

Woah, hey everybody! It's been like FOREVER since I've posted. Anyways , today after school a few of my siblings and I decorated Easter eggs. Here, take a look. 

So, what do we do for Easter? 
Well Saige, for Easter we decorate eggs, and the Easter bunny hides them. Then we go on an egg hunt to find the eggs. The Easter bunny leaves our Easter baskets full of treats, too. 
Oh, okay. What eggs does the Easter bunny hide? 
Really, Saige? Maybe he hides the eggs we are decorating now.

Mia, you're not decorating any eggs. What are you even doing here? 

I don't want to get my hands covered in dye. And I'm here to supervise your egg decorating skills. If I'm going to go on an egg hunt, I better be finding some fabulous eggs. 


I'm adding purple polka-dots to this egg. Is that fabulous enough for you? 
I guess. 

Is Easter anything like Christmas? Do we all sit around and open these, um, Easter baskets?
Kind of, yeah. It might be different this year now that there is more of us. 

Abigale, that egg needs some more glitter.
Whatever you say, oh great egg master Mia. 

So, how many eggs do you think we will need? 
As many as possible! The more eggs equals the more candy!

Wait, why is my Easter egg cake out here next to the egg dye? It will ruin the cake! 

I thought you might need some inspiration, and the colors are nice. 

Just leave it, Kanani. 
Uck, fine. But if it gets ruined I'm not making another.
Yeah, you will. 
You're right I will. 

Hey, could you hand me the glitter? 
Saige, it's all over the table. I can't really hand it to you. 

But moving towards it takes so much effort! 
Oh, get over it. 

Ladies, ladies, is there any good gossip to report? 
Mia, gossiping is not nice.
Fine. Is there any news stories to report? 
That's not really all that much better.

Mia, is this egg done? 

Alright, let me start a new one! 

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  1. Happy Easter! I love all your eggs, 'fabulous' or not :)

  2. This was so funny! It's totally the way egg decorating would happen over here. =D Happy Easter!
    ~Molly W.

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  4. You are nominated for the MagNioBio award! Go to 2dollstars.blogspot.com

  5. Haha, I nominated you too! todollyawesome.blogspot.com


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