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12:31 PM

So, I decided to take a break from dancing in mirror (singing to Royals) and editing my dollhouse tour video (I multi-task because I'm cool)  and post. I was nominated twice for this award so thank you Claire and Juliet! I'll be answering both set of questions the girls gave me (so 22 in total. ) 

I'll start with Claire's, since she did nominate me first. :D 

(why it's al) 
1. Do you prefer reading an actual paper book or a book on a device?

Paper book! I have no idea why, but I've never been fond of reading a book on a device. Now, there are times when I read on devices because I haven't had access to paper copies yet and I really want to read that book. 

2. Do you prefer baking cupcakes or eating them?

I don't back cupcakes that often, but I really enjoy it! I rarely eat cupcakes- when I have sugar I get realllllyyyy bad headaches. So baking! 

3. Do you prefer doing someone else's hair or yourself?

SOMEONE ELSE'S! Seriously, ask any of my friends. I french braid all my friends hair at lunch everyday! I also can't braid my hair, it's too short, and I seriously just can't. I don't know why. 

4. Winter or Summer?


5. Spring or Fall?

6. Nature or electronics?

Electronics...I'm sorry but I seriously couldn't live with you, internet! 

7. Lengthy books or short books?


8. Spiders or bugs?

Bugs..but rather neither. 

9. Chocolate or vanilla ice cream? 


10. Swimming or Ice skating?

Swimming, but I honestly don't really like either of them. (yes I don't really like swimming)

11. Making money or spending it?

It depends how I make it. Sewing and selling doll clothes- making! Yard work, then it would be s
pending. xD

And now, to Juliet! 

1. What is the name of your blog? Why? My blog is called: The Dolls of Sweet Nokia Street. Why? I don't really know. xD I'm not sure if "Sweet Nokia" is an actual street, I just thought it sounded cool. But I guess because all my dolls live in a house..on a a neighborhood..(okay sorry that's a line from a song I used to sing in kindergarten) ANYWAYS I'm not really sure. 
2. Why do you think you got this award? I have no idea. 
3. Do you have the slightest idea what/who 'Liebster' is? (I don't) Nope! But I googled it for this question! It came up with a bunch of blogs doing this award and said "No Results." I think I spelled it wrong.  
4. Do you have, or would you make, any custom dolls?
I have a custom boy, um my Molly used to have a custom wig, but not anymore...and I'm in the process of a new custom...(surprise! yes! new doll!) 
5. Would you ever dye your hair?
I'm actually getting it dyed professionally on Thursday. It's just the tips, and it's going to be dyed lighter for an ombre look. 
6. Night owl or morning person?
Both! Haha. Seriously though. I stay up all night and still get up at 6:45...and it's Spring Break too! Sleeping in for me is like 7:30. AND I DONT EVEN HAVE TO GET UP ON SCHOOL DAYS TILL 7:45! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? I'm seriously the only person my age that does this. 
7. Do you have a nickname? If so, what is it and why?
I am the queen of nicknames! But Chloe is a screen name, and I don't plan to share my real name anytime I can't tell you my nicknames, sorry. 
8. Was it hard to pick 11 people to nominate?
Yes. Most people I want to nominate has already been nominated. 
9. Least favorite book character and why.
Hmmm....Maybe Legolas's girlfriend in LOTR. (guess why, i dare you)
10. Was it hard to answer #9? Why?

YES because I realize all book character are there for a reason, and removing one might ruin the whole book .
11. What job do you think you'll have in the future (for adults, what job do you have now)? 
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for writer or editor in like a magazine. Or a graphic designer. Or..I don't really know. 

I nominate: 

Like I said, most of the people I would think to nominate have already been chosen. :( But I do want to nominate Euhince! 

My questions for YOU: 

1. What's your favorite book?
2. What's your favorite Disney cartoon movie?
3. Favorite doll?
4. Was #3 hard?
6. Do you like to sing?
7. Did you notice I skipped #5?
8. Beach volleyball, or normal volleyball?
9. Pants or shorts? 
10. Favorite memory?
11. Favorite type of cardboard? 

^^^^ Don't ask me about #11. It will be full on rant mode. 

Now back to singing! 

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  1. Sorry, I didn't see that you had been nominated already! Also, Graphic Design is a job on my list too (along with Claymation and Set Design :) Agreed, Legolas' girl friend is semi-pointless.

    1. It's okay! :) Oooh I've never thought about Set Design before! That sounds fun too! :D


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