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For those of you unfamiliar with our blogging style:
Caroline types in red
Mia types in pink
Lanie types in green
Kanani types in dark blue
Molly types in light blue
Abagaile types in purple 
Saige types in yellow
Lindsey types in orange 
Connor types in brown 
And, Chloe types in black. 
Wow! It's offical guys,
we have been on the internet for a full year now! 
A lot can happen in a year. 

But we'll reflect on the year later this week. ;)

So, one year ago today this whole amazing adventure started. We've come a long way from that first day. 

One of the things I like to call a "tradition" here is the family portrait. It's just really special for the dolls to have one, for me at least. So, for one year, the dolls did have a party, yes. But that is not this post.....

This post is a family portrait. My most favorite one. 

First, let's set the scene! :D 

little polaroids! 

Caroline got to hold the heart that we all signed. All of the dolls you have ever seen here on Sweet Nokia Street signed it. :) Caroline got to hold it because she was the first doll, I guess. 

The final backdrop! 

Here is our family photo! 

Top row (from left to right):
Connor, Mia, Caroline, Lanie Kanani 
Bottom row (from left to right):
Saige, Abagaile, Molly, Lindsey 

Then, Momma decided to do a photo will all of our cousins. 

Top row: (from left to right)
Kristoff, Connor, Mia, Caroline, Lanie, Kanani, Aurora 
Bottom row (from left to right)
Dell, Saige, Abigaile, Molly, Pocahontas, Lindsey 

basically: everyone that signed the heart 

Things started to get kind of crazy when everyone joined in. ;) 

Top row: (from left to right)
Kristoff, Rocheylle, Connor, Katie Liv, Mia, Caroline, Lanie, Abbey, Kanani, Draculara, Aurora  
Bottom Row (from left to right)
Venus, Dell, Saige, Abagiale, Skellita, Operetta, Molly, Dee, Pocahontas, Ana, Elsa, Lindsey

Then, we took individual photos for our profile pages: 

My picture! :) 

Sideways shot. 

Fabulous, as usual. ;) 

I'll go ahead and voice what you all are thinking: MY OUTFIT IS FABULOUS. 

Now it is my turn, but I have to have some fun right? You can make me smile, but you can't stop me from being myself. ;) 

I really love my hat. :) 

Hehe, my turn! 

My new dress is absolutely wonderful. I love it so much! 

Okay, okay. This is Molly's photo, but I really love the simplicity of this one. Just wanted to put that out there. 

My full body shot! :D 

Seriously also loving this portrait of Lindsey...took me a while to get those flyaways under control. ;) 

Hey! I want to have some fun too! 

Why do I never look at the camera? xD 

My portrait. :) 

Uck, my turn. I hate taking pictures. 

Now, all of our cousins and fellow Sweet Nokia dolls got a chance in front of the camera...




Dell (how is this doll so photogenic?) 



Katie Liv



Abbey making a silly pose :) 





Thank you all so much for being on this amazing journey with us.

Yeah, we definitely wouldn't be here without you. 

The dolls and I will talk more about that later though- in our interview post. ;) For now, enjoy the family photos. 

Once again, thank you all for your support throughout the year. 

& the rest of the gang

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4 lovely comments

  1. Happy first blog anniversary! May you have many more blog birthdays.
    Your friends,
    Elizabeth and Chirssa

  2. So cute! Loved it! :) Hehe, I have the same problem of dolls not looking at the camera! lol I move the camera around so that it is eye level! :) Happy Blog Anniversary! And congratulations! Blogging is AMAZING! You don't need 500 followers to blog, just 2 would be fine with me! lol Again, HAPPY BLOG ANNIVERSARY! You have cute dolls! (:

    -Meghan at

    1. And VERY cute portraits! I enjoyed reading and admiring ALL of them! :D


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