Ice Skating!

6:56 PM

Hey everybody! So in snowed/ sleeted here a while ago. Mia wan't interested in going out (she thought she would mess up her hair) and claimed to only go ice skating in rinks. Which is strange, because she wants to be a professional ice skater (no joke! check her bio!) . So, I used her skates and went skating myself! >:D

I've only ice skated once before, so it was a little tricky...

"Once you get past the freezing cold, it's actually NICE out here!" I shouted to Molly, who was doing an 'Ice Queen' type photoshoot with mamma on the frozen grass. 

I have no idea how Molly did it! SHE WAS WEARING A DRESS FOR PETE'S SAKE! 

Back to the story. 

Look at that majestic foot lift! :D 

I took a break, and "chilled" (haha, get it?) in the snow. 

Pretty snow! :D 

By now, I was feeling pretty good about my ice skating skills and tried a figure eight! 

Notice this from anywhere? 

So instead of this being an ice skating story, it kind of ended up as "Hey, come look at these pictures!" type of post. But whatever. If you've read till now, here are a few bonus pictures of the wildlife enjoying her first snow! (AKA: Momma's puppy, Pepper!) 

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  1. Awww, Pepper is so cute! I can see why you named him that:-) Great photos!

  2. love this post but did mia came to ice scate


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