Horse Back Riding! (A Photostory!)

2:55 PM

These past few weeks, my sister Molly and I have been working on something very special.

Molly came to me asking if she could ride Smokey.

I was thrilled! 

Of course, being the youngest, Momma is very overprotective over Molly. So, Momma wasn't very thrilled.

But, she agreed as long as Molly had the right training, so she would be prepared for anything. Today though, a three weeks of training finally paid off! 

Yes, Molly was riding today! 

As I was waiting for Molly, I put on the saddle, and tightened it. 

I also made sure the stirrups were the right height for Molly. 

"Hey, Saige!"

"Hi! Are you ready?"

"Let me just fasten my helmet on.....yep! I'm ready!"

"Great come on!" 

So Molly came over and started to hop on like she practiced doing on a chair. 

It was windy, ok? :P

I was proud of Molly already...

she did exactly what I told her to do! 

Molly was on! 

"This is awesome!"

"Hold on, I need to put on the reins!"

Smokey was also being really good. I gave Molly the tack and we were ready to go! 

I grabbed the lead rope, and off we went around the backyard! 

"Yee-haw! This is so cool!" 

Molly was really enjoying it, and so was I! 

Lead rope! ;) 

It's really great to share something you love with someone- it turns out they might love it too! 

"Look at me, I'm a cowgirl!"

"Wooo- hooo!" 

"Molly, calm down. You're going to scare Smokey!" 

"Okay, okay. I'm calm!"

Then, I took off the lead rope!

"You sure you're ready for this, Molly?"

"Saige, I was born ready!"

"If you say so. I'll be right here. Hold on!" 

"Oh my goodness! I'm doing it! I'm actually doing it!" 

"I'm riding a horse all by myself!"

Molly rode around for about thirty minutes, before it was lunch time and she had to go. 

"Do I really have to get off, Momma? I'm having so much fun!"

"Yes dear, it's lunch time."

"Aww okay. Do you think I could do it after lunch?"

"Smokey needs his rest, maybe next weekend."

"Okay Momma. Thanks Saige! I had a really good time!"

"You're welcome Molly. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Smokey will see you next weekend!"

So, Molly dismounted, and I decided to ride for a little bit. 

I took him into his newly made barn. 

But first I hugged him. I'm so lucky to have Smokey. Not very many girls my age get to have a horse! 

Have you ever shared something you love with somebody?


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  1. Awseome post! :) I love your new header! :)


  2. Great photo shoot! I love it!


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