Valentine's Decor! (Sewing Room preview!)

7:45 AM

I want to get one thing straight. 
Nobody loves Valentine's day quite as much as I, Lindsey Bergman does. Understood? 


So, when Amaya from Fun with AG Fan (a really awesome blog that you should check out!) posted some pictures of her doll sewing machine made from LEGOs, momma considered it a challenge and got to work. Above is what our basic sewing studio looks right now. We are adding some more stuff later, and once we're done, we'll give a tour. :) 

But now onto the V day decorations! 

Let's start with my room. 

yay my room! 

1) Red Streamers hanging from the ceiling

2) Heart ribbon with sticker (the sticker was bought last year and was put on white craft foam- then it cut out and tape was attached to it.) 

3)My nightstand also has ribbon and a sticker, and a heart door hanger thing.

Now, we move next door to Molly's room! 

we took a looooong piece of a red streamer and hung it all around her room! 

We added ribbon + sticker to her dresser. 

And this paper cut-out was placed on her shelf. 

Caroline & Mia's room! 

There room is pretty simple. Just red and white streamers from the ceiling. :) 

The loft! This room also doesn't have much because Abgaile and Saige claim that when the paint/play music they need to stay focused with as little distractions as possible. Which doesn't explain all the posters very well. 

There is a cute little doggy on the side of the loft bed, 

a paper cut-out on the nightstand, 

this sticker (on craft foam) by Saige's art stuff. 

and a little love fox. :) 

In the living room there are red and white streamers from the ceiling, white little hearts on the bottom. But the middle one has a sticker that says "Be Mine" 

There is also ribbon + sticker combo on the coffee table. 

And the pot has some ribbon around it. 

Moving to the office, around the desk there is yet another ribbon + sticker combo. 

And a second one around the science desk. 

And this sweet little robot behind Caroline. 

The laundry room has this sticker one wall, 

And a bunny on the other. 

You really can't go anywhere in our house that doesn't have any Valentine's decorations! (Okay- except Connor's room.) 

Above our toilet we have another sticker.  

And a paper cut-out by the mirror. 

On the side of the pants closet (leading into the bathroom) is a monkey. 

On the side of our wardrobe mirror is a paper cut-out. 

And above the shoe racks in a panda! 

And now..for the main attraction...the kitchen/dining room! 

The counter has a ribbon + sticker combo. 

The shelf has a heart hanger, ribbon, and jar full of conversation hearts. 

Overview of the dining room. 

The is  a heart garland around the ceiling. 

The table! The chairs both have ribbon around them, and two small hearts at the top. The table also has ribbon around it, with three hearts attached to the ribbon. 

On the table are two heart plates with red heart containers on top. Next to the plates are forks, and a pink cup. The is also a platter of heart cookies and a vase with roses. 

Lastly, this counter thing. There are two other heart plates with cups displayed, a bouquet of roses with a doilie underneath, a red heart container slightly open to reveal some Girl Scout Cookies (it's cookie season!), some hearts on the side (which you can barely see) and the three shelves all hold a heart container. The other side just has a Valentines Day Chinese take-out box!  


Well, I hope you enjoyed! Do you decorate for Valentine's Day?


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  1. I loved it all. I usually have heart lights on my headboard and I just have the heart garland on my doll's loft bed. Your doll's room looks great!

  2. You just won a giveaway at my blog!!!!!!!!!
    Go to to see how to get your prize!

  3. Looks great! Love the sewing room and all the Valentine's decor.


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