Some Picture Editing :)

1:45 PM

what a wordy title

So I see all these AMAZING edits on Instagam..okay I two years ago! Where did they all go? I tried editing pictures on my phone a while ago, and the outcome was But today I decided to give it another go- but this time on my computer! (I used Pic Monkey). Only one of these pictures is something you've seen before...I really love how these turned out- take a look. 

And here is an un-edited picture of my current Disney Animators Collection (DAC) family. YES, I JUST GOT KRISTOFF TODAY. I LOVE HIM. YAYYY.

So yes, my I do get to attend the AG Place San Francisco Meet up with basilmentos and FiveDollStars! I've never been to a meet-up before, so I'm REALLY SUPER EXCITED. :D Is there etiquette I should know about though? What to say, for example, should I bring posters? No, I'm not that famous. But really? Do you know? 

hehe. thanks for reading this random post about a lot of random stuff.  

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4 lovely comments

  1. YOUR MEETING BASILMENTOS???? Howwww? Whyyyy?

    1. She is having a meet-up at the AG Place San Francisco this March. :)

  2. YAY!!! I so want to meet basilmentos! Anna and I chat all the time over YT or email


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