Olympic Week Day 5: Perfect Ponytails

9:55 AM

Hi everyone! Sorry there was no post yesterday. :( It was crazy with Valentine's Day and all, but I also became obsessed with finishing the second book in Divergent trilogy. No that I'm done with it, I can move on with my life...until the third book gets here that is. ;) haha but I don't let the dolls on the computer without my supervision..(who knows what would happen if you left them alone to their own doing?)..so Mia was unable to post. Sooooo two posts will be posted today- Friday's and today's. Here is Fridays for now. 

Uck sorry my momma does not know how in the world to summarize. 

It is very common with most female athletes to wear their hair in a ponytail..so here are 3 perfect ponytails..great for wearing with those outfits we showed earlier hmmm?  Here is what you need: 

  • a hairbrush
  • hair elastic
  • yourself 

This first one is just a simple ponytail. 

Start by brushing your hair backwards so you do not have a part. 

Smooth down any..lumps or anything like that and secure it in a ponytail! 

This one is pretty simple too. Brush doll's hair back like the first one, but braid a section of it. You could also even braid both sides, but we like the look of one. 

Pull it back into a ponytail! 

The last one, is a french braid. Once again, brush the hair back and take three sections. Begin french braiding, but don't take the top of the hair. Only take the hair near the wig! 

Go for the Gold!

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  1. Cute! I only thing I would say is that the last one looks to be a lace braid, french :) French is gathering in from both sides, lace is only doing one.


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