Olympic Week Day 4: Make a Doll Snowboard!

7:38 PM

The Olympics have many events- not just ice skating! I've never snowboarded before, but Saige has and she said it's really fun. I wanted to join her on the slopes today..but I had no board! So here is a super fun & easy to make snowboard. 

First, gather your supplies! 

You will need:
  • yourself
  • cardboard 
  • markers 
  • white paper
  • scissors 
  • tape (it doesn't have to be packing tape...or clear!) WE ENDED UP USING GLUE INSTEAD!

We used a Girl Scout cookie box. If you go find a Girl Scout stand, and ask them for a box, trust me, they will gladly give you one. :) If you use a box, cut it so it's open and flat. 

Measure around yourself. 

Here is the basic un-cut shape of ours. 

Here it is lying next to me cut out so you can see it for a size reference. 

We used a glue stick to cover the cardboard in white paper, then cut it out along the edge. 

Now, you decorate! 

Snowboarding is really fun actually! 


:( I fell. 

A look at the design I drew.

Me and my board! 

Go for the Gold! 


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