Olympic Week Day 3: 2 Different Ways to Make an Ice Skating Rink!

6:58 PM

Hi everyone! Sorry today's post is a little..it's been a crazy day! Today I'm going to show you how to make the two different types of ice skating rinks I used for the photostory earlier this week. 

The first one I will show you is harder to make then the second one. I call this one the "Frozen Lake" 

You will need:
  • a foam core board 
  • scissors 
  • packing tape
  • fluff
  • aluminum foil 
There is some clear plastic in the photo, but I ended up not using that. 

First, you should cover the middle of the board in the aluminum foil. I taped the sides down with the packing tape. 

Now, take the fluff and get it very thin. Lay it across the board and tape it on top. 

Here I am on top. 

Up close.

In progress. You are going to want to keep going with this until you reach the edge of the aluminum foil. 

Around the edges, we put more fluff to make it look like snow. And you're done! 

The second one is simpler to do. This one is called the "Olympic Ice". You will need: 

  • a white foam core board
  • an image of the Olympic rings (I used my phone)
  • greed,red,yellow,blue, and black markers
  • a ruler
  • (not pictured) something round to trace- I used a pencil cup. 

First, you will need to measure to the middle of the board and place your ruler in the center. 

Using your cup or whatever you have, 

trace the Olympic rings onto the board with your markers. 

This part is optional, but you can draw black lines through the board- to represent markers and such. :) 

I hope you enjoyed! 

Go for the Gold! 

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