Olympic Week Day 1- Olympic Dreams {Photostory}

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Welcome one and all to Olympic Week! Monday - Sunday we have crafts, fashion, hairstyles, and loads of fun- all Olympic inspired! I'm your host, Mia St. Claire, and today we are kicking Olympic Week off with a fun photostory..staring ME! 

Today I went skating out on the lake by my house. I was going through my routine for the 2014 Olympics over and over and over again. I kept messing up on my triple axle, and I needed to get it right. 

I kept thinking about the other competitors. I was scared to go up against such experienced ice skaters. 

Then for the millionth time today, I stared the routine over. "And turn...jump!" I was thinking to myself. 

I smiled to myself as I landed the spin. 

The next part of my routine was to skate backwards to the other side of the rink and do the (gulp!) triple axle.

I got to the other end. 

I built up my speed and jumped! 

But my left foot missed the mark. 

I lifted in my arms up in an attempt to balance myself, 

but instead I failed miserably and landed in the snow surrounding the frozen-over lake instead. 

I got back up, and kept going. 

As glided across the ice, I kept thinking about what if that happened at the Olympics? 

What if I failed and let down my family, country, coach, and my team? All the hard work they have given me for the amazing opportunity to go to the Olympics..gone to waste. 

I shook the thought out of my mind and went home. It would be time to leave soon for the Olympics. 

(At the Olympics- practice time!) 

I watched from the sidelines as a new pair of skates came across the rink. 

It was Veronika Belomestov, the 2 two time Olympic gold medalist from Russia.     

She was the girl I had to beat. I knew she was trying extra, extra hard then usual- because she said this was her last Olympics, and she was in her home country. 

But boy, was she good. 

Then it was my turn to practice my routine. This was the last practice before the Olympics tomorrow. 

It was weird to think about, honestly. Me, in Sochi, Russia, performing in the 2014 Winter Olympics. 

I was on the last turn of my triple axle. I thought I had it down! I had done it so much. 

But my left foot was still off, and I fell back. 

But this time, there was no snow to catch me. I sat up as quickly as I could.

I did the rest of my performance with my head down. 

(Day of the performance) 

I watched as Veronika skated off the ice. She just finished- she did amazing. She sat down with her Russian teammates and the world waited for her score. "167.28" The loudspeaker said. Wow. That was really, really good. 

I was the very last to go. I skated out onto the ice. 

I could hear my family cheer my name. 

I took a deep breath and begun. 

I begun my triple axle. 

My twirls were...good. 

And I actually stuck the landing. 

What will happen next? Did I defeat Veronika? You'll have to find out at the end of Olympic Week! 

Come back tomorrow for some fun Team USA inspired fashion! And later this week learn how to make both ice skating rink shown! 

Go for the Gold! 

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