Hold Up. ONE WEEK?

9:16 AM

So it's totally unlike me to leave without warning...especially on one of my favorite holidays..Valentines Day! I have super cute photostory for that but I don't have time to post it this second. :( The rest of Olympic Week suspiciously went missing by the way....hmmm. But anyways I just got four like new MH girls, ummm I've been working REALLY SUPER HARD on my new clothes for my Etsy shop. Which is now called Sweet Nokia Street by the way. I'm going to include a few spoiler pics from my instagram. :D So yeah, my main focus right now is sewing. Sorry to leave ya hanging. :(  OH AND THERE WILL BE A FORTY FOLLOWER GIVEAWAY IN THE NEAR FUTURE YAY.

Here are your spoilers:

yay for screenshots! 

I don't know when I'll see you next, but bye for now! 

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