Your Not-So Typical Family Portrait

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Hello everyone! :) It's been such a busy day here- I had a play audition today for a play (hopefully I get in!) and I have a Girl Scout meeting in about an hour. Luckily though- this weekend begins our "February Conference" where Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are ALL teacher training days- so yes, I get them all off! Whoohoo! 

Anywho, this Tuesday we had a snow day, so I decided to dress up the girls and guy and take some pictures of Fun with AG Fan's contest. Here is the final result! But, I actually took it a step farther and gave all my dolls something that showcased their personality. 

Let's start with Mia-

Dress: American Girl 
Shoes: American Girl
Mia is holding two dresses to represent her love of fashion. She is also wearing her special necklace which she wears everyday! 


Hair: Lanie is wearing a AG store exclusive red ribbon hair extension. 
Shirt: American Girl
Skirt: Homemade 
Socks: Baby socks from Walmart..I think
Shoes: My Life As 
So yes, Lanie was wearing socks and sandals (AHHH!) to represent that she doesn't care what she looks likes. She holding a pair of binoculars to show she loves adventuring. 


Headband: American Girl 
Shirt: My London Girl
Cape?: OG hair styling cape
Shorts: Homemade
Shoes: from boutique in Florida 
Lindsey uses a hair styling cape into like..a Superman cape to show that Lindsey has a crazy imagination. 


Bracelet: AG Hospital 
Dress: American Girl Hospital Gown
Hairclip: Party City
Socks: Baby socks..Walmart?
Shoes: Two different AG slippers
Kanani is wearing a floral clip to show she loves flowers and all things tropical. She holding a stuffed animal to represent that she well..hoards stuffed animals pretty much, and is holding a cupcake because she loves to bake!


Headband: American Girl
Shirt: American Girl
Shorts: Etsy 
Shoes: Etsy
Abagaile has a big on her head because she LOVES pigs, and is holding a harmonica because she loves music! 


Glasses: OG
Shirt: American Girl
Pants: American Girl
Shoes: American Girl
Saige is holding a paintbrush because she loves to paint!

Row 2:


Shirt: American Girl
Leggings: American Girl
Shoes: American Girl
Caroline is holding a backpack because she loves school & learning! 


Shirt: American Girl
Pants: local place/boutique
Shoes: Springfield Collection
Connor is holding a basketball because he loves sports! 


Sunglasses: American Girl
Shirt: American Girl
Shorts: Etsy
Shoes: American Girl
Molly is holding her doll because..she loves dolls! There is also a MLP Pinkie Pie figure sticking out of her shirt...because she MLP and random stuff. ;) 

Well yeah! I hope you enjoyed!  

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  1. Your dolls are so cool! By the way, I was auditioning for a school play yesterday too! Good luck with yours!

  2. Great how the picture shows each of their personality!

  3. Great family photo!!!



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