Saige Week- The Nameless Horse

4:57 PM

What a terrible blogger I've been! I commit to do a post series then I miss two days! I don't think I will even to be able to post tomorrow! But, I will make up for all the days I've missed. So don't worry, you will get a full week of Saige! 

But, today I got a present from momma! She's been giving Molly all these toys, and curling her hair (it looks fab btw) and she didn't get me ANYTHING! But today, I was surprised with something big..

Yes! A horse! I got A HORSE!

I was so excited to FINALLY GET A HORSE! I was even more excited when momma said I could RIDE him!

So, I hopped up, 

And off I went! 


Such a beautiful pony!

Yay! Photos without flash! ;) 

But, as you can tell from the title, this is a NAMELESS horse!'d you like to help me come up with a name?
Here are my choices:

Raphel (after the painter)
Leonardo Da Vinci (also after the painter, but Leo for short)

What do you choose? Choose one for the first name, and one for the middle name please! If you have any other name ideas (EXCEPT PICASSO) please tell me! 

See you tomorrow! (hopefully)

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2 lovely comments

  1. Flame sounds nice! What do you think of the name Georgia or Dali?

  2. I like the name spencer but I think you should name him silvermist because of his hair.


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